Delivering solutions for traction power, signalling, buildings and on-board rolling stock systems, Socomec provides electrical power solutions for all rail facility applications

Our railways are undergoing a renaissance, with arguably the most significant investment taking place since the 1950s. For those working within this growth industry during an era of such major transformation, managing the impact of the both big ticket projects as well as the less high profile areas of innovation presents unique challenges.

This ongoing investment – particularly in technology – will enable rail to remain an attractive mass transportation option, as well as being commercially compelling in terms of the movement of goods.

Our growing population, increasing urbanization and sustainable development programmes have all contributed towards the increasing demand for rail transport. Combined with the ongoing growth in global passenger rail as well as the increase in freight rail, the delivery of optimized network performance has never been more critical.

Balancing the demands associated with planning and executing major development activity with the need to keep day-to-day services and operations on track, is a challenge faced by rail professionals across the board.

The ongoing modernization of networks, including systems interfaces with digital technology, can deliver important reductions in operating costs and can optimize total cost of ownership – vital during this during this period of unprecedented change.

In turn, traffic capacity and overall network quality can be improved – enhancing the long-term competitiveness of rail operators and enabling the service to evolve to meet the changing needs of its customers.

Energy optimization

The guaranteed performance of systems within any hard-working rail infrastructure has never been more important. The most advanced low voltage electrical solutions for rail specific system architectures guarantee network safety and robustness – even in the most challenging operating environments.

Colin Dean, managing director at Socomec, comments: ‘We recognize that the current level of investment in rail infrastructure presents a range of unprecedented challenges to those responsible for both managing these transformational projects as well as those tasked with the ongoing optimization of normal operations. We work in partnership with our customers’ engineering and commercial teams to ensure that our development work is fully aligned with the evolving needs of the market.

‘Whether planning a new installation or retrospectively upgrading an existing facility, Socomec can develop a low voltage electrical solution for an organization’s precise requirements – delivering optimized system performance and robustness, ensuring that these precise requirements are met with a customized solution.’

Delivering solutions for traction power, signalling, buildings and onboard rolling stock systems, Socomec provides electrical power solutions for all rail facility applications.

Operational continuity

Socomec’s Masterys IP+ Rail and automatic transfer switches, ATyS, have been engineered to secure the critical power supply to control and monitoring systems with minimal maintenance – vital for the ongoing protection of staff and infrastructure and operational continuity. Real time alerts are provided via monitoring low voltage equipment to ensure that high quality power is maintained.

High performance critical power

Socomec’s Network Rail PADs approved IP+ RAIL range provides the very latest UPS technology for the mass transportation sector. Housed in a compact, robust, steel-framed enclosure, the system has IP31 or IP52 ingress protection as well as anti-corrosion tropicalised circuit boards where required. This system can operate where conductive dust or dripping water may be present.

The electromagnetic disturbance immunity level is double that required by European EMC standards and has been independently tested and certified to pass EN 50121-4 and 5.  Furthermore, low smoke, zero halogen cables are fitted as standard.

Control and monitoring

Guaranteeing the high availability of low voltage power, Socomec’s traction power solutions secure the power supply to control and monitoring systems.

Enabling operators to monitor the low voltage network via real time alerts, the safety of personnel and facilities is improved.

Availability, quality and protection

A key element of every rail infrastructure, buildings that house IT rooms and data centres are vital in terms of guaranteeing the security of the power supply to all critical systems.  Ensuring the high availability and quality of power to these technology engine rooms means that people and facilities are guaranteed the highest levels of protection – and that energy performance is optimized.

The most advanced monitoring, measurement and management systems – such as Socomec’s Digiware – provide control over energy costs whilst improving both energy quality and efficiency – vital for the unique demands of the rail sector.

A fully digital, multi-circuit plug and play measurement concept, with a common display for multi-circuit systems, Digiware is compact and quick to install, and provides the industry’s most accurate and effective metering, measurement and monitoring of electrical energy quality. Infinitely scalable, it is capable of monitoring thousands of connection points.

Easy, fully-assured and time-saving integration

Socomec’s Modulys GP is a 3-phase modular UPS system designed for integration across multiple applications. Easy to integrate and install whilst simple to manage and maintain, it provides maximum availability and power protection in a compact design – leaving space for other rack-mounted devices.

As a completely modular system – designed with no single point of failure – Modulys GP delivers reliable power whilst ensuring optimum load protection, even during power upgrades or maintenance procedures.

Modulys RM GP – a rack mounted version of this proven technology – has been specifically engineered with full flexibility and fewer parts in order to simplify and optimize every step of the integration process – from sizing to installation – de-risking the entire project.

Rolling stock – keep on moving

The protection of on-board equipment and systems is fundamental to the safety and smooth operation of any rail operation.

Socomec’s innovative automatic transfer switches enhance power availability and simplify the electrical architecture, ensuring standby and alternate power availability.

Colin Dean, Socomec, explains: ‘We have taken switching and protection technology from across our business and adapted it to develop products which perfectly match the demanding requirements of the rail sector.’

Control costs, improve efficiency

From design and build through to installation and commissioning – as well as ongoing maintenance – Socomec has a strong track record in providing robust, efficient and complex critical power solutions for the exacting requirements of the rail sector.

Colin Dean comments: ‘We understand how important it is for our rail customers to retain control over their costs both in terms of cost management and allocation, particularly during this era of change – and the effective management of energy costs starts with the accurate measurement and centralized monitoring of energy consumption.’

For energy metering and quality management, Countis and Diris – single and three phase active energy meters, power measurement devices and network analysers – support sub-metering and sub-billing requirements when used in conjunction with Vertelis software.  Countis and Diris measure, analyse and monitor network data at every level within the power infrastructure.

Vertelis software then enables the provision of truly effective diagnostics. An intuitive solution that is easy to scale – accurate multi fluid consumption measurement, centralized data capture and analysis combined with clearly displayed results. Power parameters are monitored in real time – flagging anomalies vie email or SMS. Energy optimization measures can be clearly identified and implemented, with significant operating cost savings of up to 30 per cent.


Maintain service standards

Delivering innovation to the rail industry also requires ongoing support to ensure that the installed systems continue to operate at optimum performance levels – particularly when infrastructure is undergoing improvements.

Colin Dean explains: ‘We understand the importance of maintaining vital equipment whilst also being mindful of operating costs. Our dedicated engineering teams will ensure business continuity, optimize efficiency and guarantee the safe performance of the network’s electrical infrastructure.

‘Our specialist engineering team and approved subcontractors have the necessary trackside training and accreditations to install and support equipment, and provide preventative, consultative and technical call-outs, throughout the equipment lifecycle.’

Socomec will assess the unique requirements of the electrical infrastructure in order to develop and deliver a custom solution, including operative training, which will optimize equipment performance enabling energy targets to be achieved.