CryoGen is a specialist provider of innovative industrial services for the rail sector. The company provides a full range of maintenance and asset integrity solutions that deliver true value for money

The ethos of CryoGen’s board is to challenge the traditional industrial services landscape by providing additional value at every opportunity. This is facilitated by the business’ unparalleled expertise and knowledge, high levels   of responsiveness and industry-leading mobility rates, plus its commitment to the uppermost health and safety standards. The company’s year-on[1]year triple digit growth is testament to the quality of its solutions and how it nurtures the strength and longevity of its client relationships.


Tailored services for the rail sector

Privately owned, CryoGen acts as a trusted advisor and services partner to a wide range of blue-chip customers that work across multiple sectors, including power, oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, and transport. It has assembled a team of experts with direct experience of the transport sector and therefore the business possesses a strong understanding of the challenges currently being faced by rail operators, as well as their suppliers and partners.

CryoGen’s product portfolio for the rail sector includes:

  • Specialist dust-free surface preparation technology
  • Corrosion protective coating systems
  • Cleaning of rolling stock utilsiing pioneering dry ice blasting
  • Graffiti removal and application of anti-graffiti systems When it comes to the cleaning and asset maintenance of rolling stock, CryoGen can offer rail operators a comprehensive contracting solution via a strategic partnership with Cold Jet, the global leader in dry ice blasting.


This state-of-the-art process – which is the most advanced in the UK – is a non[1]abrasive, non-conductive, chemical-free and solvent-free solution, providing substantial cost savings via the following benefits:

  • No secondary media entrapment.
  • Requires no drying time
  • Guarantees increased operator safety


 A closer look at dry ice cleaning

  • IMPACT – Using compressed air, manufactured pellets or shavings of dry ice are accelerated at high velocity directly onto the contaminated substrate. The resulting force and impact fractures or weakens the contaminant.
  • COLD – On contact, due to the low temperature of dry ice, an instant thermal differential between the substrate and the contaminant causes the contaminant to shrink and thus, further weakening its adherence.
  • EXPANSION – On impact, the dry ice instantly sublimates back to its natural state, increasing in volume over 700 times its original size, and forces (lifts and blasts) the contaminant away, leaving the substrate in a contaminant free condition.

Surface preparation for the rail sector

CryoGen offers a comprehensive range of highly effective dust-free surface preparation solutions, which are perfect for any specialist rail cleaning or protective coating project – regardless of size, environment and location. This includes:

  • Dry ice
  • Vapour blasting
  • Glass or plastic beads
  • Sponge blasting
  • Ultra-high-pressure jetting When using dry ice for surface preparation that requires an anchor profile, it is often accompanied by a secondary blast media, which is deployed using a mixed media blasting machine.

CryoGen’s team will always consider what will work best in different scenarios, as well as the option that achieves the best value for money. For instance, did you know that Mixed media will utilise 75 per cent less abrasive media than conventional blasting methods, whilst also allowing for an easier ‘clean up’ and a reduction in man-hours?

Industrial coatings

The organisation’s market-leading industrial coatings provide both the resilience and the visual appeal for every kind of railroad project. For many years, CryoGen has been supported by fully qualified painting inspectors, in accordance with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and the Institution of Corrosion (ICorr), whilst its teams adhere strictly to industry best practices.

A commitment to innovation and training

The energy and enthusiasm of the organisation’s senior management team to further enhance its portfolio of products has led to significant investment in research and development. Last year, CryoGen invested heavily in two market-leading training and development academies – located in Southampton and Scunthorpe – as a testing ground to explore and refine exciting new techniques and processes that will ultimately benefit its customers in both the short and long-term.

Commenting on the developments, Steve Mesure, Managing Director of CryoGen, said: ‘Innovation sits at the heart of our business and we take pride in the fact we use the most effective processes and techniques, as well as the most advanced equipment, to prioritise efficiency.

‘We are a people-focused business that is dedicated to upskilling our strong pool of professional people – and helping to tackle the UK’s much publicised skills shortage head on. This is why we have recently invested £500,000 in two brand-new dedicated training academies in Southampton and Scunthorpe. The centre in Southampton is the only one of its kind across the south coast of England, whilst the Scunthorpe centre, located within our existing industry-leading painting and blasting facility, will be opening its doors early this year.

‘A rise in service demands and operational challenges for the energy and process industries means there is a real need for flexible and specialised technical expertise. Our years of experience in the logistics, transport, and specifically rail sectors, supported by our world-class training academies, ensures we are able to develop and quickly deploy experts who are ready to deliver world-class industrial services that match your requirements. ‘Encompassing the very best attraction, selection, training and retention processes, we offer a flexible, agile and proactive approach to fulfilling the needs of any project – however big or small.’

Company profile

CryoGen is a specialist provider of innovative industrial services to the rail sector. They deliver a full range of world-class fabric maintenance and asset integrity solutions that provide true value for money – including dust-free surface preparation technology, corrosion protective coating systems, cleaning of rolling stock using pioneering dry ice blasting, and the application of anti-graffiti coatings.

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