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  • Amir Levintal

Interview: Amir Levintal

Sam Sherwood-Hale spoke to Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus, about cyber security, BREXIT and how TOCs and others can protect [...]

  • Lucy Prior

Digitalisation of the supply chain: the return of the Guild?

We are more connected than at any point in history and never has it been easier to build networks individually [...]

  • Ben Blackburn - Freshwater

Questions for the franchising model

Ben Blackburn, Account Director at Freshwater, reports from London on the latest discussions around rail in the UK Parliament Rail [...]

  • Bridget Fox

Socially and environmentally conscious travel

Technology offers more travel choices which can improve personal mobility, Bridget Fox of Campaign for Better Transport asks how to [...]

HS2 leads to business opportunities

Lisa Hamilton, HS2 Project Manager at the West Midlands Combined Authority takes a look at the business opportunities being presented [...]

  • Chris Polack

Putting food on the shelf

Our big cities are changing rapidly – with populations continuing to grow, especially in the North and the Midlands This [...]

  • Andy Burnham

Greater Manchester is growing

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, explains how the Congestion Plan will tackle the issues being caused by an increasing [...]