With more than 60 years of combined experience in tunnelling and underground construction between them, it’s no surprise that the expertise of Gall and Zeidler is in demand

Gall Zeidler Consultants have been involved – as designers and consultants – in many of the sector’s major developments around the world, from the East Side Access project in New York, to Crossrail in London, HS2 in the Chilterns to the Riyadh Metro Project in Saudi Arabia. Gall Zeidler Consultants (GZ) are an international engineering consultancy specialised in solutions for tunnel and underground schemes. GZ provide geotechnical and tunnel engineering services along with consultancy in tunnel construction as well as programme and construction management. With decades of international experience in all areas of underground construction, GZ are a global leader in their field and have successfully completed over 300 miles of tunnels worldwide.


GZ provide professional tunnel and geotechnical engineering services across all stages of a tunnel project, from planning and design to construction support and management. They use their wide range of expertise in transportation, infrastructure, water conveyance, and mining projects to help their clients overcome complex ground conditions and to provide a superior product from its first conceptual phases to its turn[1]key completion.

GZ excel in providing solutions for various tunnelling projects with shallow overburden by innovatively combining conventional SCL, cut-and-cover, and mechanical (TBM) tunnelling methods with state-of-the-art ground improvement, such as ground freezing, grouting and dewatering, settlement mitigation measures, and specialty tunnel support and pre-support measures. GZ also have vast experience in alpine tunnelling with high overburden.

They design state-of-the-art waterproofing systems and grouting techniques to achieve dry tunnels. Waterproofing systems are generally tailored to the specific requirement of a project and GZ have the solution. Their solutions ensure that the new underground scheme will serve its purpose for the required lifetime. GZ’s involvement in many international projects has led to nomination for and award of several industry awards in recognition of the innovation and quality of the service that they provide.

For the development of feasibility studies, design concepts and options, it is an important step to account for the relevant factors and considerations to assess the project’s feasibility and requirements before

For the development of feasibility studies, design concepts and options, it is an important step to account for the relevant factors and considerations to assess the project’s feasibility and requirements before proceeding with conceptual design of a project. This includes project needs, setting (urban, rural, environmentally sensitive), geology, cost and schedule at outline level. Whether in dense urban areas or remote alpine environments, GZ’s team of experts develops feasibility studies, project options and design concepts to help your project get off to the right start.

Their Reference and Detailed Design Services encompass all civil aspects of underground projects, from ground condition assessments and initial support systems, to waterproofing designs, to final support. GZ’s design experts utilise decades of international experience in combination with new techniques to develop state-of-the[1]art project-specific design solutions. Their design services not only ensure that an underground construction project can be safe and successfully built, but that the clients’ vision for their project is realised. The team develops innovative and sustainable underground solutions for highway, railway/transit and airport tunnelling projects as well as hydropower, water conveyance, sewerage and mining projects worldwide. GZ’s expertise ranges from hard rock conditions and high alpine environments to soft ground in urban and rural settings. No matter where a project may be built, they strive to produce environmentally conscious designs that fulfil the environmental requirements of today, supports a more sustainable future and produce a high-quality durable structure.

With their construction support and supervision, GZ provide a seamless link between design and construction by using strict quality control procedures to ensure correct design implementation and to guarantee a high-quality final product. For their inspection services, GZ employ experienced inspection personnel that develops and executes QA/QC programs to ensure the highest quality product. Their site personnel have experience with all aspects of the construction process from materials quality to workmanship, lining installation and testing.

GZ’s extensive tunnel rehabilitation experience ensures that your rehabilitated tunnel will not only fulfil its intended purpose today, but will do so for its new extended life. Tunnels form an integral part of our infrastructure that we fundamentally rely on and expect to last for 100 years or more. In particular, older tunnels constructed many decades ago reaching back into the late 1800s exhibit deficiencies typically caused by adverse ground and ground water conditions that affect the tunnel linings which often lack waterproofing. Thus, many tunnels require repair to ensure continued intended use, be it for rail, road or utility.


With GZ’s extensive experience in design of new tunnels and tunnel refurbishment, we take a holistic approach to tunnel rehabilitation, not only determining the source of a tunnel’s deterioration, but providing our clients with engineered long-term solutions by applying state-of-the-art tunnel rehabilitation, waterproofing and strengthening techniques.

GZ’s construction and programme management services cover the entire course of tunnel construction and refurbishment, beginning with the planning phase and ending with the installation of tunnel systems. Their highly specialised construction managers and tunnel inspectors follow proven procedures, and provide critical interface coordination between project elements to ensure smooth project progress and a high-quality product.


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