2019 was a stellar year for TXM Projects, and for those inside the business, they are ready to kick on into 2020. A provider of project solutions for rail vehicles and specialising in ‘on site’ installation and rail vehicle care, TXM Projects are again looking to continue their incredible growth arc into the new decade.

They’ve built their reputation by taking the client’s vision and making this a reality, providing the skills and resources to create onsite workshops to deliver on all projects they’re challenged with.

But with any business it always starts with the people, so we caught up with TXM Projects’ Managing Director, Bryan Bennett, to find out more about him and what’s the key to TXM Projects’ success.

Bryan, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I joined the rail industry from the military; I was an engineering advisor and my background is as a chartered engineer in mechanical engineering. An opportunity arose to join the railway industry through Rail Care where I was given my first insight into the rail industry. I learned everything from how the mechanics of a train works to actually refurbishing all the systems that are incorporated into this very complex system.

I went onto the shop floor very quickly with the team to understand the makeup of refurbishment, how maintenance works on the units, what operator requirements were and what their key deliverables would be. Finally learning how to work that back into engineering expectations and how design installs compliance is met by a real operating company.

It was a bit of an eye opener to be honest, coming from a very structured and forward-thinking military world, into an environment which was at that time antiquated and set in its ways. It was interesting to see how things were being delivered on shoestring budgets and how poor time constraints were inevitably leading to a lack of control and quality.

Utilising my 25 plus years of experience as a military engineer, I felt I could offer real value by bringing my skill set to the rail industry and offering a new way to approach challenges.

Did you use your experience in the military to help TXM projects develop?

Without a doubt, we quickly incorporated changes into TXM Projects to restructure the processes, making them more methodical and offering us vastly improved control. I’ve been in the rail industry nearly ten years (four with TXM Projects) and I learnt quickly there were many ‘out of date’ methods being applied because this is the way ‘it has always been’. My first challenge was to change mindsets, which is always tough but change management is a strong skill acquired from my time in the forces and it was this I called upon to achieve transformation.

Having those skills, changing those processes and now further developing them within TXM Projects, we’ve been able to drive the company to a position where our professional structured and managed service is recognised as an industry leading deliverable offering first in class value.

TXM projects has enjoyed exponential growth over the past eight years what has that come down to?

The growth has coincided with the changes in the industry and the fact we have applied a flexible business model adapting our services to our changing client needs. In the early days we focussed on smaller tasks, gradually stepping up to larger projects and gaining valuable experience along the way with ‘hands on’ practical learning for both technical excellence and importantly client expectations.

These years of experience means we can now deliver full ‘turnkey’ solutions managing everything from the engineering and installation design, controlling the material delivery, project management, quality management, managing the delivery, controlling the teams and then outputting the unit.

So, taking what was a one trick pony, to coin a phrase, we’ve now turned it into a business that has got more flexibility and you can turn on or turn off any element I’ve just mentioned to provide a turnkey solution.

So that’s really a big change in the focus where TXM Projects are today and want to increase and improve in the future.

What does 2020 look like for TXM projects?

2020 is setting up to be an exciting year and it’s also the start of a five-year plan. We’re looking to build on this platform of remarkable growth to reaffirm our position as an established service provider to the rail industry and as a partner of choice.

We enjoy managing full client output, so taking the unit from a depot, working it at a separate location (and in some cases on their depot) but managing the full project from start to finish, a ‘from cradle to grave solution’ to provide our clients with a high quality finished unit in a cost effective manner.

The services and manpower we now provide include assessed and highly qualified talent including electricians, mechanics, authors to write the specs, and on the ground engineers to mention a few.

We now have the foundations in place to move forward and are looking at even larger operations with multiple industry sectors.

What is your secret sauce? What makes TXM projects the partner of choice?

I think we have a number of USP’s unique to the industry but in particular TXM Projects is part of a dynamic group that over the years has developed and delivered a wide range of projects, building up an experienced and competent talent pool that are accessible and loyal, and this is important because the recruitment of talent is part and parcel of what the TXM brand is all about.

Part of that ability to access talent is to understand client needs run further afield than just the major conurbations like London, and it’s one of our strengths that we can deliver best in class resources and services anywhere in the nation.

Furthermore, the experience we’ve gained applying a full turnkey solution and managing the entire supply chain is a first in our sector.

We believe we are a better valued supplier as we do not have the overheads that others in the industry have, leaving them to increase cost where we don’t have to. We can deliver our services at any location, share locations, and also go into the depots where required.

To bring it all full circle, we are an incredibly flexible service provider, with the ability to turn on the staff to the size and magnitude of the opportunity needed and then be able to provide the quality output that the business and the industry deserves.

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