Transport Focus is the independent transport user watchdog. Its mission is to get the best deal for rail passengers

With a strong emphasis on evidence-based campaigning and research, Transport Focus ensures that it knows what is happening on the ground. It uses its knowledge to influence decisions on behalf of passengers to secure improvements and make a difference.

Transport Focus is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Transport. It is run by a management team and led by a Board of non-executive directors.

Transport Focus offers advice to the public and takes up passengers’ complaints that train companies have failed to resolve. It also carries out in-depth research into transport user experiences and needs for the future. Including the large scale National Rail Passenger Survey where over 50,000 rail passengers give their views on rail journeys twice a year.

As the voice of transport users, Transport Focus uses the evidence it gathers through its research, and from the rail complaint appeals it handles, to influence decision-makers and secure improvements on behalf of rail passengers and customers. Its top priority focus areas include:

  • Performance and disruption
  • Fares and tickets
  • Quality and level of service
  • Investment
  • Franchise improvement.


Transport Focus has existed in one form or another since 1947. It was formed by the Transport Act as the Central Transport Consultative Committee (CTCC) plus a network of regional Transport Users’ Consultative Committees. Over the years it has changed its name as it took on responsibility for bus, coach and tram passengers, and then road users.

Transport Focus makes major decisions at Board meetings, held in public four times per year. Decisions are also made at monthly management team meetings.

Transport Focus can have up to 14 Board members. The Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Greater London Authority each appoint a member to the Board. The remaining appointments are made by the Secretary of State for Transport. Recruitment to the Board is based on merit. Appointments are regulated by The Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Chair: Jeff Halliwell
Chief Executive: Anthony Smith
Resources Director: Nigel Holden
Head of Strategy: Guy Dangerfield
Head of Policy: Mike Hewitson
Head of Insight: Louise Coward
Head of Innovation and Parnerships: Ian Wright
Head of Communications: Sara Nelson

Transport Focus logo
Address: Fleetbank House, 2-6 Salisbury Square, London, EC4Y 8JX
Phone: 0300 123 0860