South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) is responsible for the development of public transport in South Yorkshire

SYPTE is accountable to Sheffield City Region Combined Authority Transport Committee which is made up of nominated elected members from the local authorities of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, North East Derbyshire, Derbyshire Dales, Bolsover, Bassetlaw and Chesterfield.

SYPTE takes the lead in developing the region’s transport and has a unique role in planning for South Yorkshire’s future transport network by identifying, developing and delivering key strategic priorities at a sub-regional and national level.

The role of SYPTE is to secure funding for South Yorkshire’s key transport priorities to enable investment where the need is identified. It also addresses customer requirements to deliver successful, efficient and value for money solutions.

It also prioritises strong working relationships with local, sub-regional and national partners. SYPTE encourages the maximum use of public transport throughout South Yorkshire and works closely with transport service operators, local councils and other key stakeholders to develop the network and services across the county.

SYPTE does not run any transport services directly, but specifies, pays for, develops and monitors local rail services. It also provides region-wide information, manages the funding and administration of concessionary fares, provides bus stops and shelters, and operates interchanges throughout the region. SYPTE also provides travel information, administers prepaid ticket schemes and plans future investment in transport infrastructure and services.

The Sheffield Supertram 

The Sheffield Supertram (officially the Stagecoach Supertram) is the light rail tram system in the city of Sheffield. SYPTE owns the infrastructure whilst private transport company Stagecoach is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the trams.

Construction of the Supertram network, which incorporated several existing heavy rail sections as well as new track, was carried out in sections, allowing for the commencement of the first revenue services during 1994. Early operations were hindered by a complex ticketing system and the initially small coverage area, contributing to disappointing ridership figures during its first years.

During 1997, the operation of the Supertram was privatised to Stagecoach, who took over from South Yorkshire Supertram. Following management and operational changes, as well as further expansion of the system, ridership numbers have risen considerably. The Supertram network currently consists of 48 stations across three colour-coded lines.

As well as connecting with local and national bus services, the network serves six park and ride sites. Interest has been expressed in the launch of hybrid tram-train operations, enabling services to traverse sections of the National Rail network in addition to tramways, this would be the first deployment of tram-trains anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Executive Director: Stephen Edwards
Head of Marketing and Communications: Darshana Dholakia
Senior Communications Officer: Gary Taylor
Communications Officer: Babeth Bettencourt
Communications Officer – External Relations: Rachel Cowling
Legal Executive: Jan Smallwood
Personal Secretary to the Principal Solicitor and Secretary: Kerry Willers
Director of Public Transport: Ben Gilligan

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Address: 11 Broad Street West, Sheffield S1 2BQ
Phone: 0114 276 7575