The Glasgow Subway carries 13 million passengers each year, and is currently undergoing its biggest modernisation programme in more than 30 years

SPT mapThe fifteen stations of the Subway are distributed over a six mile circuit of the West End and City Centre of Glasgow, with eight stations to the North of the River Clyde and seven to the South. There are two lines: an outer circle running clockwise and an inner circle running anticlockwise.

The full-scale upgrade will ensure that the highest quality of service is delivered to the 40,000 passengers who use the Subway every day.

The Glasgow Subway is 120-years-old and is the third oldest underground system in the world behind London and Budapest.
A £288 million funding package for the work is being supported by the Scottish Government and rebuilding work is happening right across the network.


Glasgow Subway

Subway has also introduced a new Smartcard ticketing system as part of its modernisation programme

In 2016, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) took a significant step forward in the Subway modernisation programme, unveiling the new trains planned following the award of contract.

One of the first new Subway trains was on show at InnoTrans in 2018, the International Trade fair for transport technology in Berlin, by leading train manufacturer Stadler.

The new trains will be the same length and size as existing rolling stock, but made up of four-car sets, as opposed to the current three-car sets. They will feature open gangways to maximise the space available.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has approved the award of contract for the next two Subway stations to undergo refurbishment as part of the Subway modernisation programme. Shields Road and Bridge Street will be the tenth and eleventh stations to be completed. The contract was awarded to Graham Construction which has already worked with SPT modernising six stations out of nine already complete.

As well as the new trains, the Subway’s signalling equipment, control systems and control centre will all be replaced bringing improved availability and reliability to passengers. The system will include new platform screen doors, which will be ‘half height’ to preserve as much space and openness within the stations as possible while still maintaining passenger safety and security.

Once the new full system is in place – trains, signalling, operational control centre, platform screen doors – and it has been fully tested, the Subway will move from its current partially automatic trains to Unattended Train Operations (UTO).

The new trains are expected to be rolled out by 2020.

Transport Focus survey

The 2018 Transport Focus survey reported overall passenger satisfaction reached 97 per cent, whilst 95 per cent of surveyed passengers said that they were satisfied with the Subway’s level of punctuality. Eighty per cent said that they were satisfied with the value for money the service provides.

Chief Executive: Gordon Maclennan
Assistant Chief Executive: Valerie Davidson
Senior Director: Charles Hoskins
Director of Finance & HR: Neil Wylie

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Address: Broomloan Depot, Robert St, Lanarkshire, Glasgow G51 3HB
Phone:  01413 326811