Rugged electronic components provide only part of the solution for the electronics systems used in new rail industry designs and legacy equipment. That is why Charcroft Electronics offers a team of product specialists who understand the challenges of designing or maintaining electronics systems in harsh environments and over an extended lifecycle. We can provide assistance with applications such as Servicing Rolling Stock, Refurbishment, Signalling & Infrastructure.

A strong line card of products offers power supplies and power conversion modules; thermostats and circuit breakers, opto-isolators, pressure sensors and passive components from some of the world”s leading component manufacturers, as well as specialist manufacturers. This includes products which are approved to key industry standards such as EN50155, EN50121, EN6100 and EN60695 in addition to BS6853, and a range of NF fire and safety approvals. We also have a full range of rail approved DC/DC converters and a new 150W AC/DC converter that meets the EMC requirements for trackside applications.