Founded in 2004, the British Transport Police Authority (BTPA) is responsible for ensuring an efficient and effective police force for the railways

With the passing of the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003, the BTPA was set up to oversee the British Transport Police (BTP), review its preformance and allocate funding for its budget. It also deals with complaints, recruitment, independent custody visiting and Freedom of Information requests.

Regulation of BTP

The BTPA is responsible for setting objectives for the BTP before the beginning of each financial year. The BTPA announces these objectives, as well as its strategic direction and performance review through two different publications.
The Policing Plan contains the Authority’s priorities for the year and the financial resources it expects to be available to deliver the plan. The Strategic Plan sets out the Authority’s medium and long-term strategies for policing the railways. At the end of each financial year, the Annual Reports cover the policing of the railways in that year.

The BTPA is also responsible for Chief Officer recruitment. These positions are:
• Director of Strategy and Change
• Director of People and Culture
• Director of Finance and Commercial Services

Funding and budget

As well as billing the rail industry for the costs of running the BTP, the BTPA determines the budget of the police force and allocates resources to individual departments. The Authority maintains the accounts of BTP and has them audited each financial year.

Police Service Agreements

The BTPA enters into Police Service Agreements (PSAs) with TOCs and FOCs, the PSA requires payment from the companies to the BTPA in exchange for the policing of the railway and associated property.
When a new rail franchise is awarded by the Department for Transport, the winning company is usually required to enter into a new or existing PSA with the BTPA.

Chairman: Ron Barclay-Smith
Deputy Chairman: Mark Phillips
Communications Manager: Katie Stanton

Address: The Forum, 5th Floor North, 74-80 Camden Street, London NW1 0EG
Phone: 020 7383 0259