Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the transport industry

It offers a comprehensive solutions portfolio to operators and builders, which significantly enhances passenger experience and increases fleet operational efficiency. As passengers continue to demand seamless connectivity and the other value-adding services that come with it, Nomad continues to drive its solutions with passenger experience and innovation at the forefront of its operations.

We are dedicated to delivering an enhanced service, offering benefits to passengers and operators by improving connectivity for trains, metros, trams, and buses globally, achieving success through innovation, skilled people, and hard work. Our product range helps improve the passenger experience and delivers efficient technology, both operating on one common platform. We are completely focused on a seamless, smart and enjoyable journey for everyone.

With a unique combination of deep technology, rail sector experience and know how, our experts are what set us apart from the rest. Our cutting-edge, future-proofed technology offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services, such as WiFi & Internet Access, Trackside Networks, Vehicle Connectivity, Real-Time Management & Reporting, Security-as-a-Service, Infotainment & Entertainment, to name a few.


Commitment to digital solutions

We have a huge focus on engaging passengers, as this is still the top area of interest for transport operators. Passenger experience and safety will have our continued commitment, and our digital solutions provide the opportunity to entice passengers back to rail in this post pandemic world.

Let’s look at our Engage Portal – first impressions always count! Often, the first point of contact that passengers have with a transport operator’s onboard services is when they log into the WiFi service. Therefore, the train operator must provide an attractive landing page, which should match the branding of the service and vehicle operating company. It will act as the hub for the train operator’s Nomad Engage Portal.

The primary reason a passenger connects to the WiFi service is usually to use the public internet; doing so in an environment with limited connectivity can be costly
for the vehicle operator to run. Providing services that can inform and entertain the passenger without generating too much internet traffic is a cost-saving for the provider and benefits the passenger, as they don’t have to rely on connectivity. Services within the Engage Portal can work offline (although connectivity is needed periodically to update content), resulting in a more seamless experience for passengers.


Part of the Intelligent Journey

Key attributing factors of using Nomad’s Engage Portal is its ability to offer information and entertainment to the passenger; not all vehicles have the hardware capabilities to provide passenger information within the carriage. For example, carriages may not have display screens and even where screens are deployed, they cannot provide personalised or in-depth information. The Engage Portal helps to address this problem, acting as part of the Intelligent Journey and improving passenger experience by providing information such as moving maps, train schedule information, information regarding destinations, taxi information, onboard locations of the buffet carts/toilets, as well as ordering food via an online menu.

Building in third party information and services is also a great opportunity to add value. Partnering with local businesses (near Nomad Digital is the world’s leading provider of passenger and fleet connectivity solutions to the transport industry Pioneering the Intelligent journey destination stations) can create greater exposure for both parties. For example, they may provide passengers with local taxi service information when the train is within a set radius of the station.



A train or bus journey can be a great opportunity to do some reading, catch up on a TV show, or even watch a movie. Static media (newspapers, magazines, audiobooks) can be updated periodically by the vehicle operator and provided to their passengers in an offline format. This benefits the passenger by providing a better viewing experience and improving internet connectivity as the available bandwidth is not used up streaming media. This also has financial benefits for the train operator in reduced data charges. For example, daily newspapers can be electronically updated in the morning and fed in an offline format to passengers throughout the day.



Premium media content is encrypted via a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system to ensure that it cannot be copied. Displaying this type of media requires trusted systems with appropriate keys to unlock the media. The Nomad Digital Engage Portal comes equipped with a DRM application accepted by a wide range of global media providers. This provides the technology to unlock media on the vehicle, allowing the transport operator to stream offline hand-selected movies to their passengers.


What’s next?

Nomad is the pioneer of the Intelligent journey – a shared and secure network infrastructure to which all authorised onboard systems and passenger devices may connect. We very much remain committed to investing in and supporting amazing technology. Want to know more? Contact our team of experts using the below.

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