Ayrshire based business, McCulloch Group, has been awarded Network Rail’s PPS Gold Award for 2022, for the third year running

The award, which recognises the overall reliability of plant, assets and suppliers operating on Network Rail infrastructure projects, is the latest accolade to acknowledge the quality of solutions
McCulloch Group provides to the rail industry.

With offices and depots located across the UK, this year McCulloch Group will celebrate 30 years of operational business; a venture which all began in a yard, in a small Scottish village. Since the original invention of the TRT™ (Trac Rail Transposer), McCulloch Group now has a fleet of innovative plant, each of which complete tasks safely on the railway infrastructure that would otherwise
be a potential danger to track teams. This fleet of railway solutions now operate across the globe, including on infrastructure projects in Australasia, North America and Europe.

David Girdler, CEO of McCulloch Group said of the win: ‘Being granted the PPS Gold Award for yet another year is testament to the work we’re doing at McCulloch Group to create pioneering and reliable solutions to make the railways a safer place for track teams.

We work closely with Network Rail on a number of projects, in an industry which operates under stringent safety and operational regulations. The fact that we continue to innovate and create new
solutions for the railways, while maintaining gold-standard reliability, means we’re doing things right! Congratulations and thanks to the whole McCulloch team for their hard work towards winning this award.’

Company profile
McCulloch Group designs and creates bespoke and patented machines which eliminate manual handling and improve the accuracy and productivity of installations across railway infrastructure projects. Using McCulloch technology, worldwide rail track maintenance and construction projects are completed in less time with reduced operational costs. The core principle of the business is innovation. Over the last 30 years, McCulloch has grown into a fast-moving, forward-thinking business that operates globally from its base in Ballantrae.

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