On average the Anchor Screw foundation offers an embodied carbon reduction of over 70 per cent

The use of Anchor Screw products, from Anchor Systems (International) Ltd, is growing rapidly within the rail sector, including access staircases, barriers, platforms, LOC stages and almost any trackside asset.

The Anchor Screw is an easy to install foundation solution that eradicates the need to use traditional methods, such as concrete. It is entirely manufactured in the UK from recycled steel and offers a design life of over 100 years. The design of the patented domed head and bespoke interface plates, makes this foundation system the most versatile and flexible option, ensuring the structure mounted on top is always level and correctly positioned. Anchor Screws come in a selection of sizes to suit a range of loads and jobs, and can be used in multiples, with a common interface plate, to achieve even greater capabilities. Typically installed in less than ten minutes, the Anchor Screwallows work to progress without the need for drying times. The portable, hand-held installation equipment means that no OLE isolations or RRV’s are required either.

A very good example of where the Anchor Screw was proven to have huge time and cost savings, was the Westbourne Park Segregation Barrier project.

A 400-metre segregation barrier was required within six foot at Westbourne Park Station to divide the Network Rail and Crossrail Tracks, however the depth of ballast was over 1,000mm. This was considered in the clients original proposed segregation barrier solution, which would utilise multiple concrete foundations, involving multiple RRVs, ballast removal, waste management, onsite concrete shuttering, and mixing. This method of installation was estimated to take more than 20 weekend shifts with an initial budget of over £1 million, deeming the works uneconomical for the client and the network.

Due to this, Network Rail approached Anchor Systems (International) Ltd to discuss the use of their Anchor Screw foundation solution and asked them to offer a design and installation cost for the segregation barrier. Anchor Systems worked with the design team at Network Rail to understand the project requirements and together they developed a suitable design.

A GPR survey confirmed that there was concrete track drainage located approximately 1,000mm below the ballast level, meaning the traditional ‘off the shelf’ Anchor Screw would have to be modified. Reducing the overall length to 850mm ensured clearance from the existing drain, while at the same time being able to achieve the vertical and lateral load requirements for the segregation barrier in line with NR standards.

Anchor Systems worked with Colas Rail and Network Rail to offer a complete solution with one of our approved installers, to guarantee workmanship and onsite efficiency. A total of 14 nights were required to install over 300 Anchor Screws and erect the barrier, massively improving efficiency, producing a huge reduction in workforce, heavy machinery/RRV’s, concrete, waste management, water consumption and material delivery miles, the entire solution saved the network over £650,000.

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd were also involved in a Network Rail project in Merseyside, where the Anchor Screw foundation system was used for a staircase on a railway embankment. A safe access GRP Staircase was installed on the embankment, requiring Anchor Screw piles and adjustable adaptor plates – all supplied by Anchor Systems.

The GRP access staircase links to a cess walkway with self-closing safety gate. At five metres high and 13 metres long, it required 16 anchor screws with adjustable adaptor plates to support the structure.

Anchor Systems’ Anchor Screw piles were easily installed into the sloped embankment with portable handheld equipment, meaning the job was completed swiftly and with no isolations necessary. The interface plates can be adjusted, allowing for 7° lateral alteration, meaning the staircase will always be level, even on sloped and irregular ground.

The Environment
Over and above the project benefits, the Anchor Screw offers further benefits to the network and local environment, including:

  • All materials are recyclable, easily removable, and reusable.
  • Made in the UK from 100 per cent recycled steel, with a minimum design life of 50 years.
  • Anchor Screw can be designed to offer 100+ year design life solution.
  • No wet trades, curing times or excavation.
  • No requirement for RRVs.
  • Materials can all be transported by hand and with track trollies.
  • Portable and lightweight installation equipment.
  • Reduction in hours on site and workforce required during installation.
  • Zero HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration).
  • Installation head offers low noise pollution output offering lower disturbance to local residents.
  • Adjustable domed head to ensure the asset or interface is always level and offers horizontal and lateral adjustment to ensure the route is straight. The patented dome head of the Anchor Screw and interface plate offers 14° overall tolerance.

‘This system is great example of collaborative working. All the work and investment that went into this system demonstrates real commitment by the team for innovation and sustainability. The objectives were to reduce carbon footprint, remove concrete and water usage, remove the need for RRVs and allow a very quick installation – all of which were met and more. Nothing else on the market comes close.’ Clive Marriott: Managing Director at CSM Projects

‘The Anchor Screw system helped to significantly reduce construction time and provided greater tolerance to satisfy gauging requirements on the Westbourne Park Barrier Scheme. Throughout the design stage, Network Rail design and Anchor Systems collaborated to produce a bespoke post that could be installed entirely within the ballast formation. This system has many other applications and can offer significant efficiencies whilst providing a more environmentally friendly option compared with alternative foundation types.’

Sam Fletcher CEng MICE: Senior Design Engineer (Building & Civils) at Network Rail

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