Digital Transformation has become more prevalent than ever for the rail industry, especially during the pandemic

Practically overnight businesses had to adapt and move entire work forces from offices around the country to working remotely. A process that would normally require months of planning, required change immediately. Subsequently it has set to prove that a technological change to the way we work on a massive scale can be undertaken effectively and adapted quickly by everyone.

Rail compared to other industries has been slow in undertaking technological change. We trail behind other industries when it comes to implementing innovation, but we are now moving forward in embracing change. Thanks to a huge initiative by senior leaders within the industry.

If there is any positive to come out of the pandemic it has shown that large scale technological change can be implemented and that benefits can be quickly realised throughout all levels of organisations.

Who are PCT?

Project Control Tool’s key focus is to make a positive change to the way we work in the rail industry through Digital Transformation. PCT was founded by rail and construction professionals who make the lives of projects teams easier by streamlining processes and allowing team members to focus on the best delivery possible.

Fin Gregory’s (Co-Founder) career has been in rail progressing from technical to project management roles and James Staines (Co-Founder) has worked in Health and Safety in Construction, Shipping and Rail. Working together on the Tyne & Wear Metro Renewals Framework, they realised utilising user friendliness through software amongst the site team was the key to unlocking efficiencies in delivery.

PCT joined forces with Waymark IT at the start of 2018, where development started. The leaders of Waymark IT, David Brophy (MD) and Jason Hylton Jones (CTO), now sit on the board of Directors of PCT completing a well-rounded senior leadership team with key sector knowledge and the technical ability to execute successful development of SaaS products.

Having industry experience on large infrastructure projects across the UK and facing challenges with the day to day running, we have developed simple software solutions enabling all levels of the project team to capture data from site seamlessly.

Our passion is providing clients with easy to use solutions which offer a wide variety of benefits from going completely paperless, managing all key assets on projects and ensuring safe and successful project delivery.

PCT captures data from site to collate, analyse and automate, eliminating double entry and providing efficient automated useful data, reports, and dashboards available for key project stakeholders. By having the end user in mind and our products have been developed to benefit every member of project team from site operative right through to Director level.

What we do

We have developed cloud based mobile applications based around the pain points we experienced whilst delivering and managing complex infrastructure projects. Our solutions help through the digital transformation process by enhancing the data which is captured on site to allow proactive decision making through our reporting and dashboards.

Along with our suite of products we also offer bespoke development and innovation partnerships to businesses.

We work with clients of all sizes through the supply chain and supply solutions to clients, Tier 1 contractors, and SME’s in the Rail industry.


SiteMate was conceived through the frustration at managing the sheer amount of paperwork required to deliver projects, the time spent collating packs and the huge amount of administration time required managing compliance. The lag in time of data being returned from site also meant that decision making could not be as effective as possible and key elements from project delivery were not being captured.

We developed a digital solution which empowers the entire project team with one platform for project delivery. SiteMate enables everyone on the project team to focus on the safe and quality delivery of the scope of work, rather than have the distraction of paperwork. SiteMate has core functionality which allows paperless project delivery.

Site Pack

All documents can be viewed, and it allows complete paperless delivery of key documentation. The need to print paperwork is eliminated and putting together files for the project delivery team is easy. All key documentation can be instantaneously uploaded to the mobile app.


Documentation such as Toolbox Talks, Safety Alerts, Risk assessments to be briefed and signed electronically by user and team members. Sentinel Cards and User Cards can also be scanned to form the electronic signature from site. Briefings, including videos, are uploaded through Web app and are available immediately on the mobile.

Planned vs Actual

The Planned vs Actual function allows integration with planning software (P6, Microsoft Project etc.) to allow the project programme activities to be easily viewed, assigned to individuals, and reported against.

Data from site feeds into real time project and portfolio dashboards allowing Project and Programme Managers to review performance in real time enabling data driven decision making.

Site Report

Each member of the team to compile their shift report on site giving a contemporary record of site activities. Other details can be captured including Close Calls, Snags/Defects and resources for Quality and Safety Management.

Site Forms

Bespoke forms can be created including inspections, checklists and permits. These are tailored to the requirements of the business or individual projects. Once completed, they are available on the mobile application to be completed on site.


The loss and damage of tools on projects can have a detrimental impact on the project profit margins. The transient nature of the workforce and reduced accountability and traceability of asset use means that theft and damage are commonplace on most projects.

Having first-hand experience of the issues eroding margins, a simple solution for project teams to gain control and traceability on the use of assets along with added accountability for the users of the tools was conceived.

StoresMate enables the site management teams to make proactive and real time decisions on their inventory, with asset data captured throughout the lifecycle of use. The back-office system is where the status of the inventory can be viewed along with all relevant certification of each asset. Stock and consumables for the project can also be managed.

Dashboards and a KPI traffic light warning system are available to the management team to give them a snapshot of the inventory status.

SmartTags are installed onto each of the assets and are transferred from user to user. All key information on the asset including off-hire date, calibration date and certification can be viewed by scanning the tag both in the StoresMate app but also outside of the app just with a camera.

The StoresMate mobile app allows users to transfer assets quickly and easily between users, adding photo’s, notes, and updates during each transaction. There are various User roles available which are tailored for project size to cover roles for Storeman, Supervisors, Foreman. You also can set up Sentinel Cards to transfer to the owner, allowing traceability even without access to the app.

Understanding that the hire of equipment is a key element of tool use on projects, we have a Partnered Service agreement with Speedy Hire. Working closely with Speedy Hire Depots, StoresMate can be quickly embedded onto a project as soon as hire tools are delivered to site. Through the partnered service, it enables all assets to be tagged and added to the project database reducing the Asset In process for project staff.

With this collaborative approach and with the Partnered service we offer clients a turnkey solution to help manage their entire inventory throughout the hire period.

Innovation Partnerships

As well as SiteMate and StoresMate we also offer the service of Innovation Partnerships. We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that is tailored to the pain points they are experiencing, such as our current offering with bespoke features or by creating bespoke applications.

Future developments

We work closely with our client base to help determine the roadmap for development of our current products but also what other pain points the industry is facing and what solutions we could develop to support this.

One solution that we are currently developing, and trailing is for the management of Point Movements within possessions. Working in collaboration with Deploy UK and Network Rail our solution is aimed to mitigate point run throughs in possessions to reduce unnecessary over runs and ensure that the Operatives have access to key information allowing better decision making. The solution can also be developed further for other aspects of possession management.

We are passionate about making the railway and construction sites a safer place to work and digitalising workforce safety through our products and services.

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