Based in the UK and established in 1995 – Anchor Systems is a global leader in the supply of Earth Anchoring Products and Solutions to all sectors of civil engineering, horticultural and domestic markets. The Vulcan Earth Anchor range is the largest worldwide and is largely used for retaining walls, slope stabilisation and tethering down temporary structures and trees. The majority of Anchor Systems products are required to be installed by either hand-held equipment or with the use of heavy machinery.

Anchor Systems (International) Ltd offer bespoke training packages for their entire product range including the Anchor Post and Vulcan Earth Anchor and their respective applications and uses. These Training days can either be carried out at the Anchor Systems HQ in Lingfield, Surrey or on-site with PTS-trained operatives and can be tailored to the trainees’ specific requirements. These training packages include an in-depth explanation of how equipment is set up and used safely and effectively.

A training day will consist of a group of up to eight trainees gathered in a selected meeting room where a trained member of the Anchor Systems team will introduce the product and proceed to explain how the product is installed and how precautions can be taken to ensure the solutions are
installed safely. These explanations are aided with 3D modules and online presentations including videos that demonstrate various installations. This would be followed by a written theory test that each trainee must pass before the trainees would be led out to the installation demo area where the Anchor Systems team member would go through a detailed installation demonstrating how each piece of equipment is used. A practical test would then be conducted by the trainees to ensure all trainees are competent. At the end of a successful training session, each trainee will be issued an Anchor Systems training passport detailing the completed competence on the back of the passport – similar to a British driving licence. The Training Passports are monitored regularly, by Anchor Systems, regarding the renewal dates for each competence.

Competence helps ensure safety on the job site. Ground anchor installation often involves heavy machinery and intricate processes, and any mishandling can result in accidents or damage to property. Competent workers are not only less likely to make errors but are also better equipped to respond effectively in case of unforeseen challenges.

Additionally, proficiency in equipment operation leads to increased efficiency and productivity, reducing project delays and costs. Moreover, a skilled workforce enhances the overall quality of the installation, contributing to the long-term stability and reliability of the ground anchors.

In essence, competence in equipment operation during ground anchor installation is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a fundamental requirement for the well-being of workers and the success of the project.


Advantages of Anchor Systems training packages

• Hands-on Experience – practical training offers real-world experience in installing and using ground anchoring systems.

• Skill Development – participants can develop valuable skills in site preparation, equipment operation, and safety procedures.

• Safety Awareness – emphasis on safety protocols ensures a safe working environment.

• Efficiency Improvement – practical training helps improve the efficiency of ground anchoring installations.

• Confidence Building – participants gain confidence in using anchoring systems effectively.

• Equipment Familiarity – trainees become familiar with various types of ground anchoring equipment.

• Collaboration – it encourages teamwork and communication among participants.

• Adaptability – training prepares individuals to adapt to different project requirements.

• Certification – successful completion can lead to industry-recognized certifications.