Re-flow is an award-winning field management system for rail, trusted by over 200 companies nationwide, including Colas, DWG Infraco, Trackside Engineering and CSM

The software brings all major operational processes under one roof. With a seamless link between remote sites and the back-office through a user-friendly app and dashboard, Re-flow enables real-time data, instant communication, strictly enforced compliance and more.

Re-flow’s centralised, digital record-keeping means manually transcribing, delivering, and chasing job sheets becomes unnecessary. Create and schedule jobs that can be assigned to individual users or entire groups. Attach all required information – PDFs, drawings, GPS locations and routes, along with any vehicles or equipment being used for the job straight from your library of assets.

Get operatives where they need to be, on time, with scheduled events. From unique, one-time job visits to a regularly recurring series of visits. Assign plant, vehicles, and tasks, and eliminate overlaps with conflict alerts. The system automatically tracks operative availability, holidays, fatigue and qualifications, preventing any unwelcome surprises when works are set to commence.

As jobs are created, Re-flow automatically generates a bill of quantities alongside them. This enables administrative staff to easily create quotes, with customisable margins and automatically calculated quantities and VAT. These can then be sent to clients and bespoke invoices can be generated and exported, expediting job turnaround and increasing business profitability. With out-the-box support for popular accounting packages including QuickBooks, Xero and Sage Business Cloud, Re-flow’s billing and invoicing can seamlessly integrate as part of a wider ERP, further streamlining business processes.

Using the app, operatives can access the knowledge base and view all relevant job information, scan equipment, and digitally submit forms with site images. These can be fleshed out using in-app annotation, drawing and labelling capabilities. All photos are also stamped with time, date, location, and a digital signature unique to the app user submitting it. Information is then instantly communicated back to the office, enabling administrative staff a granular overview of job progress through the dashboard.

Out the box, Re-flow comes equipped with a catalogue of over 40 customizable, digital form templates, including essentials such as vehicle safety checks, RAMS, dynamic risk assessments and more. Mandatory completion, digital signatures and enforced workflows means strict compliance can be easily enforced, and the office can benefit from high-quality, real-time form data.

With all form data stored centrally in the cloud, auditability becomes a breeze. Office staff can filter by specific form type, operative, date, job and more to narrow in on specific information within minutes. Quality data also comes with the benefit of creating robust audit trails as jobs progress, enabling businesses to master their HSE compliance by easily identifying and rectifying potential risks.

Forms can then be tweaked and tailored to fit specifications or be built from scratch using an intuitive block-based form building system. Forms of all complexities with ease, always to regulatory standards. Users can select from our existing catalogue and modify or start from scratch. Simple, but powerful, forms can utilise formulas, calculations and automation to further expedite working processes and build forms tailored to specific business needs.

Real-time information also streamlines asset management capabilities. Dashboard users can gain an overview of all plant, vehicles, equipment and operatives through Re-flow’s records. Individual assets can be fleshed out with detailed information including usage manuals, last servicing date, images and more. QR codes can be generated for each asset and attached in the field, enabling administrative staff to track the last known location and current user.

Before using a piece of equipment, operatives can submit vehicle check forms. If defects are found, they can be recorded and instantly fed back to the dashboard upon submission. Powerful automated workflows can then update the asset’s status within the records, as well as automatically schedule a maintenance reminder. Even if a vehicle is serviceable, events such as maintenance or MOTs can be scheduled to automatically recur, or notifications can be set to remind staff of upcoming maintenance.

Tracking doesn’t just extend to vehicles and plant. Re-flow’s dashboard automatically tracks app users in the field, accurate down to a meter. With support for Google Maps, GPS and what3words, live user tracking doesn’t just provide a more detailed overview of works. Being current on the location of workers enables reactive scheduling, allowing managers to assign nearby workers to jobs as the need emerges.

All data submitted and stored within the system can be collated into customizable, exportable reports. Users can use custom-built forms to harvest specific data, format it to fit business branding and export to key stakeholders, colleagues and clients. This level of flexibility enables businesses to tender contracts requiring the harvesting of niche data, as well as enabling
administrative staff to identify strengths, challenges and future opportunities.

Numerous businesses in the rail industry have adopted Re-flow and begun their digital transformation, allowing them to master their HSE management, tender bigger contracts, streamline their processes, and grow more sustainably. To learn more about Re-flow’s field management software or for a demo get in touch via the contact information below.

Tel: 01392 574002