Barkers Engineering is a market leading company in the fencing industry and has been designing and manufacturing high security perimeter solutions for more than 40 years…

All aspects of the manufacturing process take place at the company’s base in Stoke-on-Trent, from design to galvanising, to powder coating and fixings. This one-stop-shop approach has many benefits, not least reducing Barkers’ carbon footprint, but also helps it to produce an array of products including palisade, railings, mesh, gates, maximum security fencing, acoustic barrier posts and bar sets.

Barkers’ portfolio varies from large infrastructure challenges to innovative bespoke designs in the private and public sectors, both in the UK and around the world. Throughout 2016, via fencing contractors, the company supplied Network Rail infrastructure with over 200,000 metres of palisade, 60,000 metres of FastGuard expanded metal fences, 20,000 metres of twinwire mesh and over 10,000 chain link posts.

Complex solutions

If just one thing differentiates Barkers Engineering from other manufacturers and stock holders, it is the ability to manage complexity on a scale that few can accommodate. A recent project saw Barkers develop a solution to reduce the possibility of vehicle encroachment onto rail infrastructure.

The project threw up many interesting challenges to the design team, due to several restrictions on what could be connected to the existing infrastructure and the difficulty encountered with the lack of footprint available.

The Wythall Station Road Junction project would require:

  • 38 metres of palisade system
  • 8 metres high to match existing palisade
  • special posts to meet demanding ground conditions.

Barkers StronGuard ™ RCS75 PAS68 crash tested palisade fence, designed and accredited to stop a 7.5-tonne vehicle traveling at 30 mph, was seen as the solution to help reduce these accidents and deter any vehicle infringements.

Post solution involvement

After modifying the current basic design to meet the operational requirements, which incidentally is not security driven, (although StronGuard ™ palisade has the added bonus of increasing the security protection for the client) Barkers worked closely with the contractor who was responsible for vegetation clearing, removal of existing fence, traffic management and overall site supervision.

The first project was undertaken in Nottingham, where after a site survey the company designed and delivered the modified StronGuard ™ RCS75 in a timely manner, meeting the client expectations. The installation, undertaken by an approved contractor took just four days, which kept congestion at the busy road junction to a minimum.

Looking to the future

Barkers Fencing’s expertise and experience that goes with it, enables it to approach projects with confidence, providing a comprehensive response to client’s needs.

As a member of the Hill & Smith PLC group of companies, a global group with a turnover in excess of £500 million, Barkers Engineering is always on the look out to develop new and current products to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients.

Now that HS2 has been granted Royal Assent, construction can begin in earnest and whilst exact details are yet to be finalized, Barkers is hopeful that many new opportunities will arise, resulting in exciting new projects and challenges to flex its imagination and design capabilities further.

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