On 28 December 2021, Knill Energy Holding GmbH acquired the Rail Division of the PFISTERER Group

This included the takeover of all employees at the production sites in Sheffield, UK and Barcelona, Spain as well as a development team in Milan, Italy. With this acquisition, Knill Energy Group optimally strengthens and expands its portfolio of solutions for public mobility. PFISTERER’s Rail Division is a leading manufacturer and supplier of catenary systems for the global rail industry. On the product side, the acquisition encompasses PFISTERER’s complete product range for Rail infrastructure in the overhead contact line sector, including anchoring and tensioning systems. The re-branding of these products to MOSDORFER Rail is ongoing. This includes catenary systems, contact wire tensioning systems (Tensorex), cantilevers, insulators, clamps and connectors. Safety equipment, including Network Rail approved Live Line Testers, will continue to be supplied exclusively via the new business. The Knill Group is a global group of companies owned and managed by the same family for more than 300 years and headquartered in Austria. With their own manufacturing, sales, service and logistics centres in Europe, Asia, the USA and Australia, as well as agencies and distributors, they are a strategic partner to the global energy and rail industries. Th e core competencies are the development, manufacture and distribution of fittings and damping systems for overhead power lines, substation equipment, monitoring systems for overhead line management and cabinet systems.

With the acquisition, the previous PFISTERER companies in UK, Spain
and Italy have been renamed. Mr Stuart Woodsell has been appointed MD of MOSDORFER Rail Ltd, replacing Mr Dave Reed who has remained with with the PFISTERER business. PFISTERER Ltd has now been incorporated as MOSDORFER RAIL Ltd in UK and will continue to operate from the existing production site in Sheffield. A period of rebranding is ongoing as the Rail business is integrated with the new owner.

For customers and partners, very little will change because the highest quality, innovative solutions, the greatest flexibility and reliability are the top priorities. The goal of the business will be to further expand the good market position and grow with the exciting challenges of the rail market.

‘With this acquisition, we rise to become a global player in railroad infrastructure. With the patented, innovative Spring Automatic Tensioning technology, we become the world market leader in catenary compensating devices. Together with our existing products in overhead lines, this creates exciting opportunities and synergies’ said Christian Knill, owner of the Knill Gruppe.

Existing approvals for products such as Tensorex C+ Spring Automatic Tensioning system, Catenary Clamps and Connectors and Current Carrying Droppers will transfer immediately to the new business name.

The business continues to operate as a full solution supplier when it comes to overhead contact lines. The company has supplied full system solutions to many prestigious projects worldwide, from high-speed rail in China to Santiago, Chile. The complete range of Rail Catenary Systems products hold
approvals with most European and many other Global Railway Authorities including Network Rail, ADIF in Spain and TCDD in Turkey among many others, with solutions available for the complete global rail market.

Tensorex C+
At the forefront of the product portfolio continues to be the patented Tensorex C+ spring automatic tensioning device. This highly innovative product is currently leading the way when it comes to the tensioning of overhead contact lines. The product was developed to compete against
the conventional weight-based tensioning systems and provides many advantages in comparison; including High precision of performance, Greater reliability in operation, Reduced Health & Safety risks, Easy to install and Low Maintenance. The Tensorex C+ system is designed to provide optimum performance in many varied environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures at both ends of the ambient scale. Its capability to compensate for a high temperature delta makes it a perfect performance solution in any environment. Using alternative technology such as conventional balance weight products, may involve extensive civil groundworks to overcome the low hanging balance weights and the risk of grounding. With this system there is no requirement for this as the unit has no parts hanging lower than the contact wire height.

Tensorex C+ has been successfully installed in the high temperatures of Australia and Saudi Arabia as well as the freezing conditions of Canada and the most northern parts of Scandinavia. Th e units continue to perform to the expected high standard after years of reliable service. Salt corrosion is a worldwide problem for rail lines alongside the sea and snow based countries who use a lot of salt to counter this. A salt spray resistant variant of the system is also available for such difficult locations, creating a product more resistant to the effects of these harsh environments whilst maintaining all of the performance and practical advantages offered by the product.

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