Based close to the Birmingham International Train Station and Airport, TXM Projects boasts a developing team of enthusiastic rail industry staff and a management team that is kept operationally lean, but with a wealth of rail industry experience.

The basic principle of TXM Projects is to construct and deliver high quality and value-for-money rolling stock solutions which can, in most instances, be implemented within the operational railway and not require main works infrastructure.

The approach adopted and deployed can vary from fully-managed teams working within a customer’s facilities right through to full turnkey rolling stock projects.

The business is dedicated to rolling stock, however the scope and magnitude of its experience is extremely varied. Whether this is GSMR and ERTMS installations, electrical and mechanical modifications, seating and interior fit-out and refurbishment, Wi-Fi, OTMR or exterior body shell corrosion or repairs, TXM Projects is happy to tackle the challenge.

No boundaries in creating solutions

With more than 30 years in the rail industry’s rolling stock manufacture and refurbishment sector, Mark Williamson joined TXM Projects as managing director in June 2011. Says Mark: ‘The enthusiasm and business flexibility that we have means we have no boundaries in how we can create a solution designed to deliver our customers’ needs, whatever the specific constraints and most importantly without jeopardising our main focus which is safety and quality.

‘Quite often rolling stock change programmes are delayed or in some instances completely abandoned due to the length of train-out-of-service time or high implementation costs due to added organisational and overhead costs, however we always approach each new opportunity as a standalone project. Our aim is to create a solution specific to the scope requirements, facility constraints and train downtime. We then focus on delivering the solution by staff flexibility, process optimisation and clear planning between us and our customers.’

Selected by Alstom

TXM Projects was selected by Alstom to provide the project management and project team to support the enhancements and improvement programme on the Class 390 Pendolino Units, including the integration of two new build vehicles into the units to form 11-car trains.

The company provided a range of skill-sets within the project team, from quality inspectors and finishing staff deployed in Italy, to installation and test personnel in the UK, integrated to work alongside and complement the Alstom teams. This was all undertaken at a fixed cost while ensuring total flexibility and engagement with the Alstom team. TXM Projects delivered its work packages on time and within budget.

Lee Kinsey, project manager for Alstom, commented on TXM Projects’ performance during the integration phase: ‘TXM Projects was engaged towards the end of the definition phase, and was therefore required to react quickly in order to respect the required programme. The company did this, and has continued to be on time, providing a service of the highest quality and in line with the agreed cost.’

He continued: ‘The TXM Projects team has been required to undertake its scope of work alongside and in conjunction with a major overhaul of the fleet – it has consistently maintained a flexible approach to the programme, and has integrated well without any industrial issues. I would have no hesitation recommending the approach we have taken with TXM Projects to others.’

Expansion overseas

TXM Projects is happy to support rolling stock projects in other countries so that even more rolling stock experience and techniques can be developed. Currently, it is working on projects in the Nordic Region and China.

Says Mark Williamson: ‘Within our strategic plan we are focussing on broadening our scope of experience and geographic footprint. We currently have more than 40 staff working outside of the UK on various projects and recently opened an office in Australia.’

As a project management company, TXM Projects does not undertake pure engineering activities. It prefers instead to procure engineering services from companies best placed to provide the solution.

Projects director, Simon Pitt, explains: ‘For us to remain competitive and flexible we believe in searching for the very best engineers within a specialism, be that from a TESCO, independent specialist or system OEM. We prefer to have an open approach and work with whoever can best provide the correct technical solution in the fastest, most economical way.’

Adapting to market conditions

A key challenge for TXM Projects continues to be the uncertainty of mandatory programmes such as PRM-TSI, ERTMS and the more recent franchise delays. However, it firmly believes in adapting to market conditions on both a real-time and strategic basis. Says Mark Williamson: ‘The UK rail industry has had a peak and trough workload profile for several decades, and as a provider of services to the industry we have to find ways to diversify and be totally flexible to compensate.’

Significant investment has gone into developing TXM Projects over the past 18 months, with a move to a new and larger office and new business system from Concerto, which controls all elements of the business. So the future looks bright, and with this team, it certainly is Rail.

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