Sulzer Dowding & Mills, an integral part of Sulzer Turbo Services, supports customers in a variety of sectors, including the rail industry, from more than 40 locations across the globe.

The company’s dedicated traction facilities in Birmingham feature a full range of equipment that makes its offering the perfect repair solution. Electrical and mechanical equipment can be repaired in-house offering high standards of quality control and assurance, as well as the ability to manage the costs involved in getting customers’ equipment back into service without losing profitable operational time.

Sulzer Dowding & Mills focuses on improving the performance and reliability of its customers’ equipment by offering a variety of workshops and on-site services. These include repair and reclamation of a vast range of equipment including AC and DC traction motors, all auxiliary motors, generators, alternators and transformers.

These electrical services are supported by dedicated mechanical facilities that are capable of repairing smoothing chokes, axles and axle boxes, bogies, braking systems, gearboxes, clamp heads and hydraulic power packs. Essentially, it is in the unique position of being able to offer the widest range of repair solutions dedicated to the rail industry.

The company’s in-depth technical expertise and experience is recognised by many OEMs as their preferred choice of recommended repairer and it is easy to understand why. Its first class engineering facilities ensure rapid response and reliable quality. The repair process is supported by in-house commutator and coil manufacturing facilities in the UK and Australia that are available worldwide without the delay of external suppliers.

Extensive design and manufacture capability

It is this extensive design and manufacture capability that really sets Sulzer Dowding & Mills apart. The company is able to quickly produce commutators and slip rings as well as complete sets of coils for both stators and armatures. The workshops have extensive Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems and software for the redesign and manufacture of these mechanical and electrical components that are subsequently fully tested to ensure reliability once commissioned into service.

By managing every step of the manufacture and repair process, the company is able to ensure the highest quality of repair and fast delivery.

To meet customer requirements, it can measure and manufacture new suspension pads with in-house replacement, bonding and positioning of primary and secondary suspension pads. Sulzer Dowding & Mills also has the skilled personnel and modern equipment to repair a vast range of machinery in situ, saving valuable time and expense involved in moving large equipment for shop based repair.

Transparency is key

Detailed reports are available at every stage of the process and all repairs are carried out in accordance with Railway Group standards and approved procedures. Every aspect of its service, from inspection through repair to testing and commissioning is carried out in accordance with a highly audited quality assurance standard. Sulzer Turbo Services is implementing certified management systems at all its global locations according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as an effective method of sustaining the continuous improvement of processes and products

The combination of in-depth technical expertise and first class engineering facilities that Sulzer Dowding & Mills offers ensure reliable quality and delivery. The company’s teams are renowned for their dedication to meeting the requirements of the most challenging projects and finding the best solution for customers. All work carried out does not aim to just repair the equipment – the company’s ethos is to improve both the performance and reliability of a machine.

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