The Jotun Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paints, coatings and powder coatings, with 74 companies and 39 production facilities servicing all continents. Jotun is unique in offering high quality, best performance, and leading-edge technology.

Jotun protects property

The Flixborough factory in the UK is the Norwegian-owned Jotun Group’s biggest protective coatings factory in Europe and produces 30-million litres of protective and marine coatings every year. Jotun employs more than 9,000 people globally, 250 of whom are UK-based.

The UK plant is going from strength-to-strength with record production and sales, and takes pride in being one of the most efficient within the Jotun Group worldwide, reflecting the skill and commitment of the workforce and its use of initiatives such as lean manufacturing.

Winning major projects

Jotun works with many companies, providing coatings for the constructional steel industry, energy production and chemical and refinery businesses. In the UK, Jotun is also winning major projects protecting and decorating the rail infrastructure.

‘Continuous innovation has been the cornerstone of our growth and success,’ says Richard Chapman, Jotun UK managing director. ‘Jotun has remained committed to meeting market needs through the development of innovative, high-quality products and maintaining its reputation for raising benchmarks within the paint manufacturing industry. This has enabled us to almost treble our UK business in the last eight years.’

A global player

Jotun is a trusted brand for international prestigious projects, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Petronas Twin towers in Malaysia – the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Taizhou Yangtze Highway Bridge in China among many other bridges, and a fifth of the world’s shipping.

Protective products include high performance coatings for infrastructure, offshore, energy and industrial sectors. Jotun products provide protection for steelwork against fire and corrosion in aggressive urban and offshore environments.

Why chose Jotun?

Jotun partners with clients to understand project specific needs and provide technical advice to support customers for best results at each stage of the job by offering quality control.

The company’s first class products, combined with a wide range of highly professional services, warrant the fulfilment of timelines and financial savings.

All Jotun coating technical advisors are highly trained and experienced, capable of assessing and analysing customer requirements, which range across all aspects of surface preparation, application, inspection and coating technology.

Alan Crawford, commercial director for MacLean & Speirs, is a satisfied customer, and says: ‘The team at Jotun is instrumental in ensuring excellent product supply throughout the application period. The ease of application, good coverage and drying time for Jotun’s products has given us confidence to use the company as our protective coating supplier.’

Protective products and local references

Jotun Paints (Europe) Ltd offers advanced products incorporating latest technological developments to meet the specialised needs of the rail marketplace.

‘At Jotun, we keep close to the infrastructure rail market by listening to the needs of Network Rail, the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), specifiers, testing laboratories, structural engineers, main contractors and applicators, in both new construction and maintenance,’ said David Horvath, European infrastructure manager, Jotun Protective Coatings.

The future is innovation

Jotun’s success in responding to emerging market trends and complex competitive conditions in different markets can be attributed to investment in its Research & Development laboratories around the world. Jotun’s laboratory facilities are centred in Sandefjord, Norway, with regional laboratories in Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and South Korea.

Jotun engineers are constantly working on the development of performance-driven functional coatings and specialised products for specific industry segments.

Environmental Sustainability

Jotun is committed to providing a sustainable and profitable business through long-term market leadership and to constantly strive for perfection in all of its products.

Through the Jotun Green Steps programme, Jotun ensures waste and hazardous material reduction, product innovations that reduce energy usage, new processes that lower its carbon footprint, and the creation of more products with lower volatile organic compound emissions.

Jotun’s R&D has been behind the launch of market moving coating products and solutions such as Waterfine, Hardtop and Jotamastic.

Waterfine is an innovative water-based formulation based on high solid has been tested and approved. This coating reduces and eliminates ozone depleting VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), often referred to as solvent.

Hardtop Optima is a premium topcoat with longer lasting gloss and colour retention which can extend the period between the coating refurbishments of an asset from every four years to perhaps every eight years, ensuring reduced maintenance cost.

From a health and safety perspective, Jotun has a full set of system approvals based on non-isocyanate containing products, which perform as well or better than the isocyanate containing industry standard product. Water-based products such as Waterfine also offer the applicator a more pleasant and less hazardous working environment.


This product range guarantees coating system flexibility and versatility. The range has been tested and approved for application to all three types of surface treatment: dry blasting, wet blasting and mechanical and hand tool cleaning, including the unique surface tolerant glass flake epoxy, Jotamastic 87 Glass flake and Jotamastic 90 Glass flake.

These products can be applied successfully to the minimum standards of preparation and still give outstanding corrosion protection. Unlike most glass flake epoxies, these products also come with low temperature curing properties (-5 deg C), allowing application all year round.

The versatility of these products and systems has already saved on costly delays to projects. For example, many old bridges, once cleaned and dry blasted, reveal paths for water to run from the deck above. This running water often reduces the cleanliness standard, and coating operations have to be halted and/or areas re-blasted. With Jotamastic surface tolerant products these dry but deteriorated areas can be, in the vast majority of cases, overcoated successfully.

Got it all covered

Jotun has solutions for new construction as well as maintenance of assets and has approved systems based on one and two coats of paint as well as low temperature curing formulations such as Jotamastic for maintenance. This allows application throughout the year and is particularly valuable when faced with short possessions during the night/early morning.

For new construction Jotun has very fast drying/low temperature cure systems such as Penguard, which speeds up coating operations.

Jotun will continue its commitment to Network Rail infrastructure, supporting it with UK manufacture/supply and technical sales support. The approved systems mentioned meet the highest service life requirements up to 25 years, ensuring extended project life cycles and considerably increasing financial savings.

A one-stop solution for all clients

Today, Jotun’s diverse product range bears solid testament to its reputation as a one-stop solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike. For iconic buildings, such as the Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s first 7 star hotel, Jotun used its ‘single source’ approach to supply all coatings, from the powder coated window frames to the concrete car park and internal decorative paints.

Richard Chapman says: ‘Jotun has enjoyed long and continuing involvement with leading manufacturers in the chemical and petrochemical industries. We have a superb, well trained and progressive workforce and our values, strategies and products all contribute to a better world.’

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