There’s no question Petzl is a company with a fascinating story behind it. Developing out of one man’s passion for caving, the safety equipment manufacturer has grown to become one of the world’s biggest names in climbing gear and personal protective equipment for those who work and play in darkness or at height. The Petzl company was established by Fernand and his son Paul in 1975, and today it continues to be owned and operated by the same family. Petzl headlamps have brought light to the world’s darkest of places for over four decades.

What does Petzl do?

Petzl produce an extensive range of products and integrated solutions designed for a variety of disciplines involved with industry, height and vertical environments including the ‘pro’ markets of rail, wind energy, arborism, rope access and rescue operators through to ‘sport’ markets of climbing, trail running and mountaineering.

What sets Petzl apart?

One of the long-standing missions of Petzl has been to improve ergonomics and efficiencies, whether that’s offering integrated helmets and headlamps for rail, working on a wind turbine or pushing the limits of difficulties on an Alpine climb, it’s about looking at the touchpoints of the products, how they’re handled and how they feel, so they are as simple and as seamless to use as Petzl can possibly make them, but also so they make the job as efficient and stress-free as possible.

Petzl’s philosophy for design and production is also based on accelerating change, transforming, and innovating in order to provide professionals and sports enthusiasts with the quality products they demand. Testing tower, experimentation centre, individual inspections, LEAN manufacturing process – Petzl was a pioneer in all of these innovations.

Petzl Helmet and Headlamp Solutions

Petzl headlamps can be installed on any helmet by using the headband, adhesive plates, or mounting plates at the front or rear of Petzl helmets for inserting the headlamp. With a power source that comes either from disposable batteries and/or rechargeable batteries, you can be sure that you’ll have the light you need, when you need it.

The ultra-compact ARIA headlamps save space, are extremely lightweight, and small enough to slip into your pocket while the DUO performance headlamps are particularly durable and powerful. They are designed for intensive use in industrial environments, or for maintenance and inspection purposes. Petzl also has models that are ATEX certified, designed for use in hazardous areas to endure the rigours of high-risk zones and confined spaces.

Petzl Work at Height Solutions

When safety is a priority, so is industrial excellence. Petzl has a deep responsibility to the people who trust it with their lives, and it develops, tests, and qualifies all of its products above required standards. Petzl’s objective is to allow zero defective products to leave is facilities, to give you high quality products and peace of mind at work.

Petzl Work at Height Solutions offer a full range of helmets, harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest, headlamps and equipment to make your work easier.