3D scanning and 3D printing can benefit the rail industry at all stages

3D Scanning is a fast and efficient process used for analysing a real-world object or environment to collect data on its shape and possibly its appearance, like its colour.

The collected data can then be used to construct digital 3D models used for inspection, reverse engineering or 3D printing typically. Parts ranging from several millimetres in size to planes, trains and automobiles can be scanned with high accuracy and relative ease.

The use of 3D scanning is now being deployed in an ever-growing range of industry sectors – aerospace, medical, automotive, rail, R&D as well as tool making and product development. From engineering, to design, manufacturing, testing, development and quality assurance to name a few. There are many benefits to employing a handheld 3D scanner such as the Artec Leo or the Zeiss T-Scan Hawk 2, in all stages of the manufacturing process.

As industry leading 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering and Inspection specialists, Central Scanning Ltd is the only Artec 3D Ambassador & Gold Certified reseller in the UK. A leader in its field, providing 3D scanning equipment and related software. The company is also part of the #HandsOnMetrology network and can provide pre-sales, installation, training and ongoing support.

In addition to its 3D scanning capabilities, the company offers a comprehensive 3D printing service utilising its in-house 3D printers from Stratasys, MarkForged, Ultimaker and Prusa. Central Scanning Ltd can print in a wide variety of materials and has the full colour multi-material Stratasys J750 printer.

The expertise of its engineers, combined with the 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment and related software they have, allows them to offer a comprehensive service to a wide range of clients and are used to working under NDA conditions. They work in their air-conditioned premises or can travel to most facilities to meet the project needs.

Central Scanning Ltd has released a brand-new #HandsOnMetrology hand-held 3D Scanner. 31 January 2023 saw the global release of the Zeiss T-Scan Hawk 2, a lightweight 3D laser scanner designed and manufactured by Zeiss, who are renowned for high accuracy, and repeatable measuring equipment.

The new scanner, weighing less than one kilogramme is a highly portable 3D Scanner that is travel friendly and provides a user-friendly scanning experience working directly within the highly acclaimed Zeiss Quality Suite software. Scanning is performed using remote workflow; there are four buttons on the scanner that allows the software to be navigated without using the laptop from up to ten metres away.

You can also ‘GO BIG’ with the new Satellite mode which enables the scanning of larger objects without the need of traditional photogrammetry. This has no compromise on accuracy and is easier using the positioning laser grid projected from the scanner onto the object being scanned.

There are different laser modes and a ‘deep pocket’ mode allowing you to scan deep into the features on parts and a high-resolution mode called scan details, allowing targeted capture of highly detailed items such as text on castings or engravings on a coin for example.

As a business, Central Scanning is very excited by this new scanner as it provides metrology grade accuracy, combined with a large volume and un-paralleled portability.

The Zeiss Quality Suite software not only allows for the collection of scan data but also the full measurement of the data compared to either a nominal 3D model or another approved sample part. For the more in-depth analysis of the data, the ‘Pro’ version of the software provides the ability to write inspection templates and report trends from the results.

Data collection, reverse engineering, inspection/validation of a wide range of objects are where these types of 3D Scanners are used and being highly portable, this increases the applications where this technology can be deployed. Gone are the days when the item has to be bought to the ‘measuring room’. The T-Scan Hawk 2, 3D Scanner can be easily taken to the item, making the process much easier, hence the slogan ‘Take it, Make it’ which is frequently seen alongside the T-Scan Hawk 2.

Central Scanning is not exhibiting at the Rail Live show this year. To find out more about how its products and services can help you, get in touch via the contact information below.

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