Do you want to inspire and shape the next generation of rail? As a member of the Chartered Institution of Railway Operators, you’re part of the only Professional Institution with focus and specialism across the rail industry

Membership showcases your credibility and expertise while providing access to a wealth of resources and networking opportunities you need to stay relevant and to excel in the industry. To upgrade your professional recognition, CIRO’s online portal allows straightforward submission of your Professional Operations Development sections. Supporting evidence of knowledge and experience gained from your career can also be put forward, you don’t need formal qualifications. The four membership levels, Affiliate, Associate, Member and Fellow are designed as career milestones and distinguish you as a rail leader. Professional recognition can also lead to more career prospects and opportunities. It’s possible to apply for any level as there’s a membership to suit you at any stage of your career. We’re pleased to hear from our members about their experience in upgrading, to help you decide the right route to membership for you.

Rachel Heath FCIRO, Fellow
‘I upgraded my membership to gain recognition in my area of work, I want other people to realise rail is a good career choice. Th e upgrade process was simple to navigate. I made sure my submission was detailed and relevant to each Professional Operators Development (POD) section. I’m often approached by colleagues to advise them on CIRO courses which I’m happy to do! It’s helped to promote Operations as a professional choice within the rail industry. I’d recommend submitting your membership upgrade application, you’ve nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Membership through CIRO is a fantastic way of proving your professional worth and expertise.’

Andrew Cunningham, Member
‘Upgrading your membership gives you the opportunity to enhance your career opportunities and salary prospects while strengthening your credentials. It demonstrates a commitment to self improvement, discipline and work ethic, as well as the ability to undertake additional work in your own time.’

Claire Volding, Member
‘Not being a CIRO member meant that I missed an interview opportunity. I’d been an affiliate for a long time, and this was the indication that I was selling myself short by not upgrading my membership. I found the process to be quite enjoyable as it gave me the chance to consider my accomplishments in the rail industry and the knowledge I’ve developed. It’s something we rarely take the time to reflect on, and it made me feel tremendously proud.’

Jose Del-Prado MCIRO, Member
‘The feeling of having your accomplishments recognised and your application approved is priceless! I look forward to progressing my membership to Fellow.’

Andy Coston FCIRO, Fellow
‘Upgrading my membership has been indispensable for staying in touch with the industry I love since retirement. I really should’ve made the eff ort years ago to support my career and reputation.
Upgrading was straightforward, and it helped to speak to a colleague who’d already reached the membership level I was striving for. Their insight was invaluable in preparing my submission and
helped me to achieve the upgrade. Now, I’m looking forward to devoting my time to guiding and coaching others that are beginning their careers, giving back to the profession.

Membership gives you access to invaluable industry insights, first look at a wide variety of events and allows you to learn from top industry professionals with our mentoring scheme. To apply for the industry’s top professional recognition, visit and start your journey