The team at Rail Products has drawn on decades of front-line working experience in the rail industry to help develop the company into a leading global manufacturer of Rail/Road vehicles

Working in conjunction with Manitou, Rail Products has invested considerable time and money in R&D to ensure its engineers have had access to the very latest technology. The result means the company continues to design and produce machines that are multifunctional, and which provide a unique and competitive offering to customers. This has earnt the company industry plaudits for its foresight and development of Rail/ Road products that will always redefine the parameters of a machine’s capabilities.

Last year and integral to the companies’ future, Rail Products invested in a new manufacturing operation in Poznan, Poland. The move to a new larger purpose-built factory, alongside the recruitment of a skilled local labour force was the catalyst in allowing the company to significantly increase its productivity. This was much needed to meet the high world-wide demand for its innovative and technically advanced MEWPs.

On signing the agreement back in August 2021, Managing Director Derek Burns confirmed the new Polish operation would now be responsible for all future research and development work which would see a greater investment in green technology. He said: ‘As a global organization Rail Products is now fully committed to developing and manufacturing rail/road machines that are more eco -friendly, produce less harmful emissions which in turn will help reduce the carbon footprint of infrastructure projects. Our Polish operation will now be responsible for developing the technology, trialling, and manufacturing new ‘greener’ versions of our current and highly regarded ART17TH MEWP.’

Fast forward to June 2022 and Rail Products is in the process of bringing to market, not one but three new MEWPs which have all been developed with the latest ‘green technology’.

Designed to lower emissions and reduce the environmental impact, these MEWPs include the RP450V with a Tier 5 engine and Stage V technology; the RP450MV MultiGauge version of RP450V with its unique variable gauge, the MEWP is able to work across the different gauges on both tram networks and all major railway lines around the world; the RP 450HV a hybrid machine with 5 tier engine and the option of an 840 amp or 420 amp battery. The MEWP can in effect operate on a full battery (840amp) allowing a full eight hours of working, including driving (5kph) or work from its Tier 5 diesel engine, giving the operator the dual benefits of a Hybrid machine.

All three machines offer all the benefits of its predecessor (ART17TH) but with a new dynamic body and lower emissions they offer a ‘greener’ solution together with a real fuel saving option.

Other key features include a new 450kg basket which can work and travel over the side in 360 mode, a working height of 16.68 metres, a max outreach of 8.52 metres with the telescopic arm fully extended, full and continuous 360 degree turret rotation as well as 180 degrees basket oscillation capability, giving total flexibility when working on the railway. Plus, an audible and visual tilt and overload alarms which further protects the operator and the asset. Also, all machines are exclusively available with Rail Products’ new PA64 Pantograph which incorporates ‘Newtons uplift’ enabling it to fit all ranges from 4.2 metres to 6.2 metres, recording height and stagger measurements while on the move. The combination of MEWP and Pantograph is ideal for the implementation of overhead catenary lines, as there is no need for a lorry based ‘Panning Unit’ at the end of the shift, saving time and money.

Rail Products MEWPs at work in the UK and globally
Although Rail Products now operates globally, its machines working in many countries such as America, Austria, Australia, Germany Norway New Zealand, and Switzerland, the company also has well over 100 machines operating in the UK; a market which is still very important to its business. With Network Rail now committed long term to providing a sustainable, low carbon railway network and playing an important role in the UK becoming a net zero carbon economy by 2050, ‘green technology’ is very much needed today as well as the future! Indeed, HS2 as the country’s largest infrastructure project is at the forefront of pioneering environmentally friendly technology to create greener construction sites, by reducing and controlling air quality. It has been one of the first rail industry programs to adopt CESAR ECV – a new advanced emissions identification scheme. This allows quick and easy verification of a machines emissions category by sight and helps ensure emissions from plant is reduced where it cannot be avoided. It is now encouraging the industry to get on board with this Emissions Compliance Verification (ECV) scheme which will bring significant health and safety benefits.

Therefore, the introduction of these three new MEWPs incorporating the latest green technology, and which comply with the ECV scheme, is an important step, not only to the future of Rail Products as a business but also the future of the environment. Going forward Rail Products is now fully committed to further investment in green energy to ensure their range of innovative and technically advanced rail/ road machines are totally eco- friendly, producing less harmful emissions and importantly, are affordable and cost effective for the customer.

Rail Products is excited to announce that it will be exhibiting at InnoTrans in September this year where two of its ‘green technology’ machines will be on display. Its stand will be in the outside section (no: 0/250) and Derek Burns and his team very much look forward to welcoming visitors from the UK and the opportunity to discuss the capabilities and specification of the new range of green technology MEWPs in more detail. For more information, get in touch with Derek directly via the contact information below.

Tel: 07788 924848