The system encompasses two key components: the ARCOSYSTEM® elevated cable carrying trough and lid, and the Anchor Screw foundation system.

Anchor Screw

The patented Anchor Screw serves as a swiftly installed foundation system, eliminating the need for concrete and its associated drawbacks such as excavation, spoil removal, and curing times. Following borehole clearance using ground-penetrating radar, the Anchor Screw is wound into the ground using handheld equipment in less than ten minutes, without the risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

The domed head of the Anchor Screw, paired with a customised interface plate, facilitates the easy attainment of a level and accurate position for supporting posts. Widely adopted in the UK Rail industry, specifically on Network Rail and London Underground infrastructure, Anchor Screws offer a minimum service life of 50 years.

Benefits of the Anchor Screw include:

• No concrete so no dust, drying or curing times.
• Speed and ease of installation – typically installed in under ten minutes per anchor.
• Easy to install – most installations can be completed in one visit.
• Installed using non-percussive hand-held equipment with zero risk of HAVS.
• 50 or 100 + year design life.
• Versatile design which can be adjusted to guarantee the correct positioning.
• Zero on-track plant or RRV’s required.
• Bespoke designs available.
• No waste materials or muck away.
• Made in Britain from one hundred per cent recycled steel.
• Training available.

Installation guides and other relevant documentation available on request.


The ARCOSYSTEM® represents a lightweight elevated cable trough with the capacity to span six metres between support posts, available in two sizes. It holds full PADS approval and has been extensively utilised in the UK Rail industry, including Network Rail, London Underground, Transport for Wales, and ScotRail infrastructure. Designed to carry signalling and HV cables, it is constructed from a UV-stable, water-resistant composite material with a 50-year service life and requires no maintenance.

Rapid Route

The combination of ARCOSYSTEM® and Anchor Screw results in the Rapid Route, acknowledged as the most expeditiously installed elevated cable route system available. It proves cost-effective over its life cycle, providing savings and risk mitigation during installation and maintenance, while significantly reducing a project’s carbon footprint. The system is adaptable to areas prone to flooding and allows for expansion post-initial installation. For instance, additional trough runs can be seamlessly added once the foundation system is in place.

The system features various brackets enabling the ARCOSYSTEM® trough to transition in height, direction, and connection to other cable-carrying systems. Support, including Continuing Professional Development, training, and on-site guidance, is also available with the Rapid Route System.


The collaboration between Anchor Systems (International) Ltd and Scott Parnell brings this comprehensive system to the UK Rail industry. Anchor Systems contributes to the Anchor Screw foundation, technical support and on-site training, while Scott Parnell handles the ARCOSYSTEM®, sales and marketing aspects.

For more information on the Anchor Screw systems and other available products, get in touch via the contact information below.