Kite delivers on its clients’ engineering aspirations by being grounded in reality and by being collaborative and agile in its approach

Kite creates certainty, by being proactive and acting with integrity, and bring consistency through developing its team to deliver client focused service solutions, where it demonstrates thought leadership and action through living its values.

How does this work?
This is exemplified in the key brand – KITEStep, which embodies the company’s values and delivers a safe, compliant access point with a 40 year design life. It is designed to be modular and variable to enable installation success every time, but in reality every one has been engineered specifically for the constraints of every unique site.

Alongside this, we are conducting full design compliance, usually through a form G combined process to ensure that every access point has full design assurance and furthermore gives all stakeholders certainty as to the investment.

There are now five forward thinking Network Rail routes that support their staff and the whole network by committing their access points to the consistency that KITEstep will deliver and three others are on the journey to enhance the network and give their people the reliable access that that they deserve.

It has been proven that the circumstances in which people work on a day-to-day basis influences their behaviour – and this impacts how they think about the organisation, their working colleagues, and ultimately their own safety. It is of great importance to continue working with Network Rail to develop safe working practices when working adjacent to and on the track.

One route has found a wider approach and has used KITEStep successfully to positively impact the safety of everyday people who walk across Network Rail land on rights of way, and who use pedestrian crossings to navigate over the track. Utilising KITEstep with a defined specification to provide a landing at track level with enough space to stand behind the two-metre decision point with markings to alert pedestrians to the danger, these people can now be positioned to have the best sighting possible and make an informed decision on the appropriate and safest time to cross the track.

Furthermore, Kite has eliminated the risks associated with poor muddy footways by giving a slip resistant stair treads with closed risers and double handrails which also serve to corral people into one route across the track. Mesh infill and kick plates also serve to keep children and pets within the curtilage of the walkway to minimise potential for these vulnerable individuals to stray onto the track.

This is a great contribution by Network Rail to the wider community and should be acknowledged as an important give-back to the people of the United Kingdom. Truly an example of a gift that continues to give and a mutually beneficial gesture that can be participated in by every route.

Kite is deeply grateful to Network Rail for the privileged opportunity of being part of a contribution to an enhanced rail network which has been invested in and developed forwards by several generations and many, many families. When you bring purpose, innovation and engineering together you can truly change your world and make the rail network a better place.

Any other routes want to come on board? Get in touch via the contact information below.