BAM Ritchies deliver geotechnical engineering and investigation to your standards. The use of digital construction underpins the quality of our work today and in the future

We are your partner in helping you achieve project excellence using the best people in the industry. We deliver best value solutions through continuous improvement of all our operations to solve your problems.

We are focused on the UK’s Net Zero journey and are delivering on our vision of Building a Sustainable tomorrow. We actively engage and deliver our services in the renewable energy sector and believe that delivery of HS2 is paramount to a Net Zero future. Supporting new sustainable infrastructure like HS2 will unlock opportunity and support growth and the economy.

Over 60 years, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to ground engineering team for complex problem solving and best-value, sustainable delivery – with no surprises. Whether we’re testing earthworks, investigating the ground or stabilising slopes, we use industry-leading digital construction methods to build it before we build it. So, you’ll know exactly what to expect from your project, and we’ll get it right first time.

Collaboration on all projects is based upon trust, it’s through early dialogue with HS2 contractors that we build that relationship prior to the project commencing. Having that mutual trust is
where successful projects start. We then build on that initial phase by engaging with and supporting the project team to help them achieve their goals by delivering predictably, safely and to budget.

Our broader range of services are starting to be utilised on HS2. After successfully delivering in excess of £25 million of Ground Investigation we continue to provide focused additional GI designed to suit the needs of the main work contractors. Growing our Instrumentation and Monitoring capability means we can marry our drilling expertise with our digital leadership to deliver cutting edge tools to monitor and measure the impact of the HS2 earthworks programme. Early engagement to assist in identifying the optimal slope stabilisation solution can ensure informed right first time decisions are made to meet the needs of HS2 and avoid the frequent problem of review and revision at the construction stage.

Grouting works can provide essential ancillary solutions to poor ground conditions and water ingress, utilising plant, people, and expertise already deployed onto HS2. Ground anchors provide a robust and flexible solution to reducing the carbon footprint of retaining structures and provide prop free excavations to support off site manufacture of underground components to be installed when ready. An array of piling techniques is being used on HS2 and we have the in-house capability to supplement the challenges around resource availability and expertise. From mini piling to complex bored piling, we have the capacity to support the full range. All of these ground engineering disciplines need quality control and validation, this is where our UKAS Laboratory comes into play, it provides assurance, control, and challenge to the specifiers to make sure that the correct checks are done and no unnecessary controls are in place, wasting time and money. We are already established on site for the EKFB main works JV.

We pride ourselves on the way we do business and it’s all about partnering with HS2 and their contractors to deliver their outcomes that provides the best value for money, delivers the greatest opportunities, and ensures a Net Zero future for all. Everything we do is focused around giving our people the greatest opportunity to deliver exceptional projects for our customers which is based on the four following pillars:

Integrated solutions – one team, eight specialisms
We harness talent from eight ground engineering disciplines to create a fully integrated team. A team equipped to manage all moving parts of the construction process to increase value, lower risk and reduce waste in ground engineering

Digital – build it before you build it
From pre-construction to delivery, we use forward-thinking digital tools that minimise risk and help us collaborate more successfully, with you, our supply chain, and the community. It helps us deliver safe, efficient projects every time.

Your deadlines, our guarantee
We don’t do surprises. That’s why we arm our team with digital techniques to keep well ahead of the construction process. So, we can stay in control of our performance and fix problems before they cause delays.

Sustainable and engineered for the future
At BAM Ritchies, reducing our carbon footprint is a fundamental. Not only do we invest in energy efficient plant, fossil fuel alternatives, materials, and construction processes. We also upskill the companies we work with, to instil sustainability through the supply chain.

Digital construction is ‘built in’ not ‘bolt on’. This means that digital solutions developed by our pre-construction teams can be shared with the operations team for risk mitigation in clash detection and digital rehearsals.

Digital construction starts as the production of 3D model to allow projects to be clearly visualised and better understood early in the process by both our customers and our delivery teams. The models can be produced more quickly with a degree of automation and contain more information that can be altered or updated without requiring complete rebuilding. This means that changes can be accommodated more easily, the cost is reduced, and we can therefore produce models for projects that are relatively small or short duration.

The models are used to plan and sequence operations, ensure that the correct plant is selected, produce priced and resourced programmes, and monitor and demonstrate the impact of change. We also continue to use the models as part of our risk reduction and activity planning to identify future hazards and mitigation measures to reduce the potential for safety or quality incidents.

Sustainability is much more than just environmental. As for any business we have an obligation to our employees and shareholders to ensure that we remain commercially sustainable so that we can grow and continue to invest in our people. Looking to the future we have an obligation to reduce our impact on the planet for future generations. By using lean working and investing in research and development we are reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and carbon intensive materials, while simultaneously minimising waste and use of virgin materials.

We continue to develop equipment and techniques to support innovation and more efficient design solutions. With a willingness to invest in our people and equipment and embrace new technologies for better outcomes. In 2021 we have introduced 10 new drilling rigs and associated equipment to provide more reliable, efficient and carbon reducing delivery.

We can deliver your work as a specialist sub-contractor or as a main contractor. We operate and deliver our work to the same exacting and accredited standards as you. We excel in regulated and constrained environments and all our projects are delivered as if we are always in those environments, our standards never drop.

There are no other Ground Engineering / Geotechnical contractors in the market place that can offer such a rounded and integrated service. No others that can match our standards and accreditations. We are the digital leader in Ground / Geotechnical Engineering.

We are BAM Ritchies and we will support your delivery of exceptional geotechnical infrastructure on HS2.