New Transport Secretary Louise Haigh promised to deliver the biggest overhaul to transport in a generation. The Secretary of State immediately convened officials to begin work at pace across the department on rail reform, further devolution of bus powers, ensuring infrastructure works for the whole country, and supporting local authorities to fix roads for the long term.

In her first address to Department for Transport (DfT) staff on Monday, 8 July, Haigh set out her five strategic priorities, putting transport at the heart of mission-driven government.

They include:

  • Improving Performance On The Railways And Driving Forward Rail Reform.
  • Improving Bus Services And Growing Usage Across The Country.
  • Transforming Infrastructure To Work For The Whole Country, Promoting Social Mobility And Tackling Regional Inequality.
  • Delivering Greener Transport.
  • Better Integrating Transport Networks.

Transport Secretary, Louise Haigh, said: ‘It will take all our effort but the new motto of our department – our purpose – is simple: move fast and fix things. Our department is so clearly central to achieving the missions for government that the Prime Minister has committed us to. Growth, net zero, opportunity, women and girls’ safety, health – none of these can be realised without transport as a key enabler.’

Haigh said DfT would ‘think about infrastructure and services together at every turn’. In her address to staff, she also said the department would ‘focus relentlessly’ on improving performance on the railways and introduce ‘much-needed rail reform’.

The newly appointed Rail Minister, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill CBE will also bring decades of experience to help realise the Government’s ambition of transforming infrastructure and improving public transport to deliver for passengers.