Join the discussion at ‘Tomorrow’s rail safety today’ on Thursday 26 May.

On our railway, the safety of those who work on the infrastructure and of the infrastructure itself are of vital importance to the delivery of a reliable railway for our passengers and freight customers. Intelligent Infrastructure integrated with diagnostic and predictive ‘decision support tools’ and coupled with smarter inspections, make for a railway where we can predict the work we need to do and proactively plan to do that work in the safest possible way. Combine this with modern safety equipment that significantly reduces the risk of human error via a simple-to-use planning and ‘Safe Work Pack’ system and deploy site safety leaders trained with the most up-to-date human factor skills, and we have tomorrow’s safety expectations today!

The seminar will show how this vision can be our reality now. Delegates will be encouraged to consider how the techniques presented can be embraced and applied widely to real world operations, to keep infrastructure workers and railway infrastructure as safe as they can possibly be.

PWI President Nick Millington, who is chairing the seminar, said: “In Network Rail, unassisted lookout working has been virtually eliminated over the last few years, and trackworker near misses [with moving trains] have dropped by 70% over the same period. I want everyone to play an active and assertive role, not only spotting safety risks, but decisively eliminating or reducing these risks, and the PWI is well placed, in terms of safety leadership, to deliver that message to its membership of infrastructure engineers, designers, contractors, and more. We have a period of great opportunity ahead of us.”

‘Tomorrow’s rail safety today’ will welcome a keynote speech from Network Rails’ Chief Health and Safety Officer, Rupert Lown, and will feature the following presentations:

  • Seeing what you need to see – how AIVR is supporting rail safety through innovation and integration– Emily Kent (One Big Circle)
  • Tomorrow’s rail safety today in the palm of your hand - Mark Prescott (Dual Inventive)
  • Intelligent Infrastructure programme - Alex Schock (Network Rail)
  • Increasing safety on worksites with technology solutions– Frank Peters (Zöellner)
  • OWL – Improving safety with Geo-fencing - Jay Moorhouse (Onwave)
  • Highflying remote inspections - Donna Reigate (Network Rail)

‘Tomorrow’s rail safety today’ will take place at Austin Court, Birmingham on 26 May and is a hybrid seminar, giving you the option to either attend in-person or virtually. Tickets are available at