The Digital Interface Node automates logging of sensors at remote locations and transmits data via the cellular network


Wireless monitoring technology developer Senceive has revealed the latest in its range of IoT infrastructure condition monitoring devices. The Digital Interface Node allows users to integrate a wide range of geotechnical, structural and environmental sensors into a Senceive wireless communications platform in order to benefit from automated data logging and instant alerts.

The new device adds to the company’s range of rail monitoring instruments which detect movement and changes in the condition of track, earthworks and structures. Using wireless communications, it will help to reduce site visits and enable continuous data acquisition from places that are hard to reach such as bridge joints, slopes and tunnels.

The long-life device is IP67 rated and built for use in challenging site conditions. Product manager Dom Kisz explains how it enables users to get frequent data updates without visiting site: “instruments such as borehole inclinometers and piezometers  tend to be installed at remote locations, so it makes sense to access their data via a cloud-based server rather than by sending people out to difficult and often dangerous locations to take measurements manually”.

Like other IoT technology, the device is easy to install, robust, and offers long-life with minimal maintenance.

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