Last chance to revolutionise rail electrification with this unique opportunity to buy an Alstom Transport UK Wiring Train! Sale ends 7th March 2024.

Apex Auctions is delighted to be chosen as the exclusive agent for Alstom Transport UK on the sale of an award-winning OLE-OCR Wiring Train. And is offering our readers a rare opportunity to bid for this train, contact Eloise Walker: or +44(0) 7570429275 to make a direct bid, or to find out more.

So, what exactly is the Alstom Transport UK OLE-OCR Wiring Train?

Introduced into the UK from service in Italy in October 2015, the Alstom Wiring Train has been modified specifically for use on the UK Rail Infrastructure (the train has the capability to be modified to be used on projects worldwide).

The train consists of seven vehicle combined traction units with a high-capacity crane. It incorporates mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), a drum carrier, a wire tensioner and wire manipulator equipment. The final traction unit also has a MEWP and is fitted with a measuring pantograph and associated data recording equipment.

What are the key benefits of the Alstom train compared to alternatives?

  • A complete wire run is installed in just ONE shift vs. FOUR conventional shifts.
  • Its technology ensures higher quality, constant wire tension.
  • It enables other concurrent installation activities at the same time.
  • On-Track Machines (OTM) boast a superior safety record compared to On-Track Plant (OTP) Road-Railers.
  • Its highly stable and manoeuvrable MEWP platforms enhance operational effectiveness and speed of implementation.
  • …and significant efficiencies can be made when 2 wire runs are undertaken in one shift.

With the Alstom Transport UK Wiring train, you’ll secure substantial cost reductions and significantly expedite large-scale electrification projects, enabling immediate delivery rather than waiting for OEM lead times for manufacture and delivery.

More information:

Sale ends 7th March 2024.

The Wiring Train is currently located in Glasgow, Scotland.

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For more information about this opportunity, or if you want to make a direct offer, please contact Eloise Walker: or +44(0) 7570429275.