• QR codes created for every UK station to enable rail passengers to access real-time rail journey information if station screens and operator websites go down
  • Information easily accessed by QR codes and delivered via Messenger without the need for new app

Rail passengers will be able to access live departure times and journey updates across the UK via QR codes if rail network information systems are targeted by cyber-attacks and station screens go dark.

The mechanism has been created by Zipabout, the UK’s leading personalised journey information provider, who have made QR code packs available to all their rail operator clients, including EMR and LNER,  for every UK station.

Scanning the QR codes connects passengers to National Rail Enquiries or a local train operator and provides them with personalised travel information via Messenger without the need to use another app or website. It is a quick and easy way of accessing real-time rail journey information, including the next three trains leaving the station to a chosen destination, disruption alerts and multi-leg planning. The service will also soon be available through WhatsApp.

The full list of QR codes can also be found on Zipabout’s website and passengers can search by individual station name  – https://www.zipabout.com/tools/live-departure-boards

Critical rail network infrastructure, including passenger information systems, has been identified as a potential UK target of Russian cyber-attacks in response to sanctions, although there is currently no specific threat.

Alex Froom, CEO of Zipabout, said: “QR codes have become well recognised over the course of the last two years, and are a simple but effective tool to keep rail passengers in the loop if their usual sources of information, such as station screens or operator websites, go down. We’ve made them available both via train operators and our website so in the unlikely event of a cyber-attack, we can keep everything moving.”

Zipabout information personalisation technology powers the Alert Me service provided through National Rail Enquiries as well as information services for other train operators such as East Midlands Rail, c2c and LNER.