Network Rail has announced the award of 82 framework contracts to deliver design services across the country, worth an estimated £400m for Control Period 6 (2019-2024) and up to £640m including the options to extend the framework into Control Period 7 (2024-2029).

The Design Services Framework (DSF) consists of four multi-discipline frameworks and 78 single-discipline frameworks. The new DSF aims to provide access to a wider range of multi-skilled suppliers including small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who form circa 25% of the single discipline suppliers on the DSF.

The framework contracts, which went live on 1st January 2020, have been awarded to the following 34 suppliers:

Multi-Discipline National Frameworks

SupplierDisciplineDSF Region*
Jacobs UKMulti-DisciplineNational
Mott MacDonaldMulti-DisciplineNational

Single Discipline Regional Frameworks

SupplierDisciplineDSF Region*
AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK LimitedTrackNorth West & Scotland
TrackSouth West
Alun Griffiths  (Contractors) LtdTelecomsNorth West & Scotland
TelecomsSouth West
TelecomsNorth East
AM Signalling Design LtdSignallingSouth West
SignallingSouth East
Amey OWR LimitedElectrification & Plant – PlantSouth West
SignallingSouth West
TrackNorth East
Andromeda Engineering LtdElectrification & Plant – Contact SystemsSouth East
Electrification & Plant – Contact SystemsSouth West
Arcadis Consulting (UK) LtdElectrification & Plant – DistributionNorth West & Scotland
Electrification & Plant – DistributionNorth East
Civils & StructuralNorth West & Scotland
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth East
Baker Hicks LimitedTrackSouth West
Electrification & Plant – Contact SystemsNorth East
GeotechnicalNorth West & Scotland
Balfour Beatty RailElectrification & Plant – Contact SystemsNorth East
TrackSouth East
TrackNorth East
Capita Property & Infrastructure LtdCivils & StructuralNorth West & Scotland
Civils & StructuralSouth East
Consents & EnvironmentSouth East
DB Engineering & Consulting GmbHTelecomsSouth East
Egis Rail UK LtdSignallingNorth West & Scotland
SignallingNorth East
Idom Merebrook LtdBuildings & ArchitectureSouth West
Electrification & Plant – Contact SystemsSouth West
Jacobs U.K. LimitedGeotechnicalNorth East
GeotechnicalSouth West
Civils & StructuralNorth East
Kier Integrated Services LtdElectrification & Plant – PlantSouth East
SignallingSouth East
Kristelan (UK) t/a SVM Glasgow.Electrification & Plant – PlantNorth East
Electrification & Plant – PlantSouth West
Electrification & Plant – PlantSouth East
Mott MacDonald LimitedTrackNorth West & Scotland
Electrification & Plant – Contact SystemsNorth West & Scotland
Navitas Engineering LtdElectrification & Plant – DistributionSouth West
Pascall & Watson LimitedBuildings & ArchitectureSouth East
Pell Frischmann Consultants LimitedCivils & StructuralSouth East
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth West & Scotland
Civils & StructuralNorth East
Ramboll UK LimitedGeotechnicalNorth East
GeotechnicalSouth West
GeotechnicalSouth East
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth East
Robert Bird & Partners LtdCivils & StructuralSouth West
RPS Consulting Services LtdBuildings & ArchitectureSouth East
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth West & Scotland
Buildings & ArchitectureSouth West
RSK Environment LtdConsents & EnvironmentSouth West
Siemens Mobility LimitedElectrification & Plant – DistributionSouth East
Electrification & Plant – DistributionSouth West
Softech Rail LimitedTelecomsSouth East
Telent Technology Services LimitedTelecomsNorth West & Scotland
TelecomsSouth West
TelecomsNorth East
Temple Group LimitedConsents & EnvironmentSouth East
Consents & EnvironmentNorth East
Tony Gee & Partners LLPGeotechnicalNorth West & Scotland
GeotechnicalSouth East
Tony Gee & Partners LLP and Egis Rail UK LtdTrackSouth East
UK Power Networks Services LtdElectrification & Plant – DistributionNorth West & Scotland
Electrification & Plant – DistributionNorth East
Electrification & Plant – DistributionSouth East
VolkerRail Specialist Businesses LtdElectrification & Plant – PlantNorth East
SignallingNorth West & Scotland
SignallingNorth East
Waterman Infrastructure & Environment LtdConsents & EnvironmentNorth West & Scotland
Consents & EnvironmentNorth East
Consents & EnvironmentSouth West
Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions UK LtdConsents & EnvironmentNorth West & Scotland
WSP UK LtdElectrification & Plant – Contact SystemsNorth West & Scotland
Electrification & Plant – Contact SystemsSouth East
Civils & StructuralSouth West


*Note: The DSF Regions align to the Network Rail Regions as follows:

North West & Scotland = North West & Central; and Scotland’s Railway

North East = Eastern

South East = Southern

South West = Wales & Western

Daljinder Chatta, Network Rail’s commercial director, said: ‘Network Rail will have greater access to a design support network providing mutual benefits to both Network Rail and the supply chain. Some of these include working more directly with suppliers, improved assurance, getting closer to experts, improved business and safety performance and enabling innovation to thrive.’