• Stunning high-definition footage – the most comprehensive and high quality ever shot on Britain’s railway – gives a unique driver’s eye view of the nation’s most scenic rail routes
  • New data shows 55% of people find the scenery out of the window the most enjoyable part of train travel and 24% say the movement makes them feel a sense of calm
Today, National Rail is premiering its new ‘Great British Journeys’ YouTube series which treats viewers to a virtual escape on the nation’s most relaxing, beautiful journeys. The series is free for all to access and takes inspiration from Netflix’s ‘fireplace’ and other relaxing videos while encouraging people to get back out and explore the nation by train.

The unique footage offers a stunning, high-definition drivers’ eye view of some of the best countryside Britain has to offer, from the mountain ranges of the Highlands to the rolling fields of Norfolk.

Data from National Rail shows that train travel can be a great way to unwind. When surveyed about what they most enjoy about train travel, 55% of people said the scenery out of the window and 24% said the movement of travelling by train makes them feel a sense of calm. The new series features relaxing music, as well as scenic views to help viewers relax and alleviate stress.

Along with releasing new videos every week for six weeks, National Rail will stream the full nine hours of uninterrupted footage on a loop so viewers can tune into the ‘live’ channel at any time and see Britain’s most beautiful scenery on journeys across Scotland, Wales, Devon and East Anglia.

‘Great British Journeys’ aims to showcase the beautiful views that the nation has to offer and inspire people to take staycations rather than travel abroad. Leisure travel by train is now close to pre-pandemic levels (95%) and is helping to drive the country’s recovery from the pandemic.

Jacqueline Starr, Chief Executive Officer of the Rail Delivery Group, said: 

“We want these rarely seen views of stunning Great British journeys, shot direct from the driver’s cab, to inspire people to get back on track and enjoy the best of Britain. Rail delivers more than a journey – as well as helping you relax and unwind, it connects you to the people and places you love, and is one of the greenest ways to explore the most beautiful sights that Britain has to offer.”

The rail industry is running its biggest marketing campaign in a generation, ‘Let’s Get Back on Track’, to encourage more people to book a journey and take the train to connect with the people and places they love. Encouraging people to travel by train is good for the economy – leisure passengers by rail spend £117 per trip, on average, supporting local jobs and businesses.