Tipped to be the largest online conference and exhibition of its nature this year, October’s Mission Hydrogen welcomes the ‘who’s who’ from the sector including Luxfer Gas Cylinders, as it showcases global firsts in alternative fuel systems.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinders, is joining the online event as an exhibitor on October 8th, profiling from its virtual booth, its industry-leading hydrogen storage and delivery systems.

A spotlight will be placed on the company’s alternative fuel expertise, specifically systems featuring its G-Stor™ H2 hydrogen cylinders – for which the brand is internationally renowned as a partner in zero-emission hydrogen powered vehicles.

Mark Lawday, a Director at Luxfer Gas Cylinders who will be part of the team manning the show, explains: “We’re looking forward to meeting with innovators and like-minded brands who recognise the benefits of hydrogen and want to see how our technology is being used to effect positive change around the world.

“Anyone visiting our stand can look through our literature or have a live chat with one of the Luxfer team and we’re expecting the conversations to be heavily focused on our extensive experience working with leading manufacturers to deliver hydrogen-powered vehicles that are commercially available today, and how we can valuably contribute to future projects.”

Now in its eighth decade of business, Luxfer’s legacy in hydrogen spans more than 20 years including its role pioneering the hydrogen tank and valve technology, and more recently a series of world-first accolades. These include:

  • The world’s first hydrogen buses. Luxfer has worked with bus partners to make hydrogen-powered buses a reality.  For example, joining an innovative EU-funded pilot, 10 zero-emission vehicles, featuring Luxfer’s G-Stor™ H2 hydrogen cylinders, hit the roads in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2015. The next phase of 15 vehicles will launch in the coming months.
  • The UK’s first hydrogen-powered train. Unveiled in June 2019, the HydroFLEX project comprises a former Thameslink electric train retrofitted to run using a hydrogen fuel system. Luxfer’s alternative fuel experts worked in close collaboration with Porterbrook and the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research, which won the Department for Transport funding to support the concept. The four-cylinder hydrogen solution was developed and assembled at Luxfer’s UK alternative fuel facility and in September 2020 the train hit the tracks for the first time.
  • The first commercially available hydrogen powered refuse trucks. In development for the last two years, Luxfer has worked with refuse truck manufacturers in Europe to design, fit and support 20 vehicles. With greater range and power than electric systems, a key requirement of heavy loads vehicles like refuse trucks, Luxfer is helping city authorities in these countries to reach their ambitious carbon reduction targets.
  • The world’s first commercially produced hydrogen trucks. A multi-million-pound project integrating hydrogen technology into 60 trucks has been delivered this year, marking the first such green fleet in history. The vehicles, which will transport supermarket deliveries across Switzerland, are equipped with bespoke alternative fuel systems from Luxfer. Each feature a 190-kilowatt fuel cell comprised of seven high-pressure tanks holding around 35kg of hydrogen. This provides a long-distance range of more than 400km before refuelling, which far surpasses the capabilities of battery electric truck technology.
  • The world’s first self-sufficient hydrogen-powered boat. Launched in 2017, Energy Observer is a floating laboratory travelling from continent to continent, exploring practical solutions and new innovations in ecological transition. The world’s first vessel to be powered by and create hydrogen, Luxfer installed and supplied hydrogen gas cylinders for the project.

Lawday continues: “Interest in alternative fuels is at an all-time high, thanks to net zero emission targets set by global leaders. Hydrogen provides a very real solution for transport, most recently praised by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the UN Climate Conference. Thanks to our heritage and expertise in the sector, we are extremely well placed to help drive programmes on from conception to realisation.”

Tickets are still available for Mission Hydrogen which starts at 6am Central European Time on Thursday 8th October and runs for 24 hours. It is expected to attract thousands of attendees from across the world, including engineers, scientists and policymakers and will feature over 30 high-profile expert talks. Luxfer’s stand can be visited by hovering over Luxfer’s logo on event day. Visit: www.hydrogen-online-conference.com/tickets