Image credits: Relec Electronics 

Rail transport is in the news and in the latest That Engineering Chat podcast, Relec’s John Stone talks about power design for inside and outside rail carriages

In the latest podcast, recorded at the height of the ‘fuel crisis’ in the UK, John Stone reveals the special demanding characteristics of the motorists’ alternative transport – rail.

The podcast’s light, conversational style will appeal to both student and experienced engineer who be looking at power design for rail for the first time.

John outlines for podcast host, Nicole Piesse Turner and co-host Caroline Hayes the harsh treatment power supplies are expected to endure and the criteria they have to meet to withstand high shock and vibration, wide variations in operating temperatures in a single journey as well as dirt, power surges and transients. A power designer also has to consider the different battery voltages and operating ranges as well as means to cooling systems in an environment that is not recommended for fans.

The conversation turns to look in detail at some of the rail regulations, beginning with EN50155. John breaks down what this covers for rolling stock. Other regulations covered are EN50121-3-2 – EMC requirements for surges, transients and emissions limits, EN45545 for fire and smoke and RIA12, and why it applies to old rolling stock.

The podcast is an insight into what is needed in terms of verification and testing for rail power and also moves inside the driver’s cab and carriages, covering power supplies for interior radio, communications, lighting and displays for information systems.


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