The days of costly, time consuming loading and delivery of standard containers for trackside rail projects could be at an end after site storage specialist Armorgard designed a new flat-pack alternative…

The inconvenience and high cost of track possessions, overhead power line isolation, stoppages in work, and the use of HIAB crane lifts and Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs) when transporting storage containers to and from work sites have been part of rail construction and maintenance for years.

But hope could be on the horizon in the shape of a modular, flat-packed walk-in weatherproof on-site secure storage vault that can be quickly transported and easily be set up anywhere on site, without the need for resource intensive logistics.

The new Forma-Stor design consists of lightweight, ultra-strong panels that simply slot into place meaning the whole set-up only takes around ten minutes and can be carried out by two people, compared with the team of people needed to organise a standard container lift.

Paul Weeks, a Signal and Telegraph (S&T) Manager for Network Rail and one of the first to use the Armorgard Forma-Stor, said: ‘The flat-packed design means that overheads do not need to be isolated when transporting the Forma-Stor, which prevents delay minutes, requirements for possessions, stoppages in work and associated costs.

‘The Forma-Stor Can be strategically placed in focal positions to reduce delay minutes and walking distance when a variety of items are required on site, ensuring you have total control of the transportation process to optimise logistics and best fit in with the eternal schedule.’

Terry Mitchell, Managing Director, Armorgard, said: ‘We understand the logistics of transporting a standard container to and from trackside sites can be frustrating and costly. We designed Forma-Stor so it can be easily stored and transported and rapidly assembled, as and when required, which streamlines an otherwise resource intensive process.’

Because of the product’s easily configurable, interchangeable sections, contractors do not spend unnecessary time trying to align bolt holes and matching up panels. For this reason, Forma-Stor can be erected a great deal faster on the job site with a considerable saving in labour costs. The product’s lightweight, easy-to-handle components means it can be assembled close to where the actual work is being done.

Forma-Stor comes in four different sizes, from one to four metres, and can be used for on-site storage of equipment, such as hand and power tools, materials, including cable and metals, and other small to medium component storage. There is also a COSHH version of the Forma-Stor for chemicals and other hazardous substances.

‘It’s stronger, more rigid, and easier to assemble than similar options by other manufacturers. It’s also the only one metre collapsible storage container on the market’ said Armorgard R&D Manager Matt Partridge.

‘The tool-free assembly helps contractors save time and money. The one and two metre units can be assembled by two people in less than ten minutes. Even the larger three and four metre units can be easily and quickly assembled by four people in 20-25 minutes.’

Partridge says: ‘Our design remit was to give rail contractors an affordable, easy to assemble and easy to access solution to secure, convenient storage of tools and equipment and to the problem of theft of supplies, materials and plant from work sites. Forma-Stor certainly provides that.’

According to Armorgard, 5-lever deadlocks and jemmy-proof joins ensure that the Forma-Stor is virtually impenetrable. The Forma-Stor is also weather and fire resistant and has forklift pockets for easy manipulation.

For more details about the new Armorgard Forma-Stor range or to find your nearest distributor contact Jasmin Walsh – 023 9238 0280.