Rail Depot safety control specialists, FirstClass Safety & Control, are helping the C2C East Ham depot update its legacy safety systems to ensure staff and assets are protected. The firm has recently completed a contract for the Spencer Group for its Depot Protection System (DPS) onto the new road 12 as well as upgrading the existing DPS and interlocking systems on Roads 6, 10 and 11

The existing legacy DPS is over 15 years old, and the software cannot be modified. FirstClass Safety provided a new SIL2 rated PLC based system for Road 12 and a new electronic Mimic that is located in the Supervisors room, replacing a legacy LED screen that had no additional capacity for the new Road 12. The new Road 12 DPS is designed to operate and integrate with the existing DPS system on Roads 1 to 11 and includes an externally mounted Derailer, Inbound and Outbound aspects, treadle switch and overhead beacons and sounders. An interlock box has been provided to isolate the overhead line equipment whilst staff are working on the road.

Working with the main contractor, Spencer Group, FirstClass Safety also upgraded the existing infrastructure to provide a safer working environment. The upgrades included new Access Gantry Gate interlocking, Emergency Access Gate interlocking and under platform status indication beacons on Road 6 as well as new Key Exchange systems on Roads 10 & 11.

Mark Meyrick, FirstClass Safety’s director, said:

“The project at East Ham depot has allowed us to demonstrate just how adaptable our DPS is to the changing needs of rail depots. Unlike other “off the shelf” systems, our system architecture allows us to design the system to suit the new layout, allowing C2C to maintain the safest working environment possible, whilst adding modern SIL2 certified hardware to future proof the system. Our existing knowledge of the East Ham DPS, through a service and maintenance contract, allowed us to offer this unique solution and to enhance our relationship with C2C for years to come”

For more information, please visit www.firstclass-safety-control.co.uk