Gauging expert D/Gauge has announced its latest contract secured with Network Rail: to provide clearance assessments for the entire network. The new platform, powered by specialist gauging software, will be rolled out to over 1,000 Network Rail users. With this contract, D/Gauge will be able to support Network Rail’s key asset management, maintenance and design activities. 


Colin Johnson, Managing Director of D/Gauge said “It’s a great privilege for us as an organisation. We are delighted to secure this long-term contract with Network Rail to deliver clearance assessment figures with enhanced reporting functionality.”  


“The ‘Network Clearance’ system we have created will reduce the time it takes to analyse clearance information across the entire network and provide deep insight for users.” 


He continues “We have thoughtfully crafted bespoke dashboards for ease of use. Clearance assessment is vital to ensure the network remains safe for passengers and colleagues. This is a truly powerful piece of software with great opportunities for both D/Gauge and Network Rail, and we look forward to the future.”