Automask is a new state-of-the art vending machine helps to protect the public against the spread of Coronavirus and delivers masks conveniently at the point of use to keep the public safe. Face coverings on public transport are compulsory in England and Scotland to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Automask is ideal for the rail industry and just requires a power source. The vending machines can be located in the station building or on the platforms at point of use.

As more travellers return to work and are using public transport, rail operators will need to provide a continuous supply of masks for a very long time to come, exceeding the current budget for any free masks for passengers.

Automask supplies affordable, hygienic, non-medical face masks with capacity for 200 pieces and is easy to refill. The masks are available in a range of designs and colours and can be branded. The retail price can be individually set for either cashless payment or coin operation (EC card, credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay).

This mask vending machine is ideal for a huge range of applications either as a floor standing unit or wall mounted. Made from 4A stainless steel it is totally weather-proof so can be installed outside giving access 24/7. It can also be branded and supplied in a variety of colours.

Technical specification

Dimensions h x w x d (cm)

100 x 40 x 26

Net weight (free standing without any options)

40 kg



Electrical connection

110-230 V/ 50 Hz


300 W


CE in process

Collaborating with a London-based manufacturer from China, the WCD Group is able to supply various types of single-use, disposable face masks at manufacturing prices including medical masks if required, dispensed in a hygienic single pcs polybag that is 100% recyclable. With a focus on sustainability and reuse, the reusable face mask is made from a premium woven or jersey cotton fabric with unlimited design and branding options.

Gloucestershire-based the WCD Group has signed an exclusive UK distributor agreement with German vending firm specialists Flavura GmbH, for the sales and supply of Automask vending machines and masks to UK businesses.

Pete Glanville managing director at the WCD Group said: “We are proud to be the exclusive distributor in the UK for Flavura’s Automask brand utilising our established sales and supply operations. We know that face coverings will help keep us safe and contain the spread of coronavirus and it’s essential that consumers can easily get hold of one when they need it.”

The WCD Group can deliver machines to site in 10-14 days and provide stocks of either mask type as required in vast quantities. A return on investment can be realised on the equipment purchase in a matter of months but it is a future proof investment and can be adapted to dispense other products down the line such as sun cream, ponchos, other hygiene products.

Enquiries to the UK sales team on 0800 731 1491 or email [email protected]