Diamond is proud to present an enhanced range of service offering, along with a brand-new look to better reflect what it now offers to the rail industry

Diamond Seating began life in 1976 as a small family-owned business offering domestic upholstery services. Always keen to take on new challenges, it began undertaking commercial work, often because of recommendations from domestic customers. The first example of work for the rail industry was under contract to Wabtec Rail, based locally in Doncaster. Following the work with Wabtec, Diamond received further requests from other delivery partners, TOCs and ROSCOs and rapidly became the go to supplier for all rail seating needs.

Over the past two decades Diamond has worked with a huge number of suppliers and customers – big enough to deliver, yet small enough to care. Diamond has been developing and now perfected a range of complementary service offerings, feeling that the Diamond Seating identity failed to accurately represent the company and what it does as a business. The new brand heralds a new beginning as Diamond works with the industry to collectively face the many challenges that lay ahead.


Diamond have collaborated with numerous partners to deliver high quality rolling stock refurbishment.


A new approach

Diamond Rail Services has a growing team with a wealth of experience in refurbishment projects and engineering and most importantly, customer experience delivery. This has enabled it to develop a new suite of service offerings which can be tailored to individual customer needs, whilst putting the end user at the heart of everything the company does.

For example, the new Front of House service offer bridges the gap between train presentation and aesthetic maintenance. Diamond aims to offer a cost-effective service which enhances customer perception and satisfaction. This will be crucial in winning back custom post Covid-19 and will deliver lasting benefits from the investment in assets. This is something that is currently being ‘missed’ by most operators yet looks likely to become more and more important as the industry moves forward with new service quality requirements.

Diamond’s approach to delivering for its customers is one of partnership and working together, be it directly with a TOC or ROSCO, or as the single point of contact project managing collaborations with other suppliers and delivery partners. This reduces fragmentation, ensures a clear focus and efficient delivery of the project and minimises interdependency issues.


Diamond redesigned and manufactured new first-class seat cushions and backs, utilising in house foam forming machine.


Although the company has grouped its service offer into four overarching product brands: Interiors, Engineering, Asset, and Heritage, it is very much about understanding the individual needs of its customers, and their customers. Diamond can then bring the relevant skills, people, and experience together to meet those needs in what is effectively a one stop shop. As an example of this in action, Diamond utilised the skills of its experienced machinists to produce custom sized and fitted tarpaulin covers to protect expensive bogies from the ravages of outside storage exposed to the elements. The company believes that there is huge potential for this type of low cost, yet effective solution in the heritage sector, where many historic assets deteriorate day by day due to lack of undercover storage.

Likewise, Diamond is currently working with several customers on identifying their requirements for train presentation, service quality and maintenance. It is working with activities that are already in place and for others it is introducing and managing new processes. The vision is to strengthen resources and help customers deliver a train into service that all sections of their business are proud of.


Custom covers, protecting valuable assets from the elements


Overview of services offered

  • Diamond Interior Services: Whilst continuing to offer its specialist seating services, Diamond now also offers a complete bespoke package to meet all your possible rolling stock and accommodation refurbishment needs.
  • Diamond Engineering Services: It is also able to offer turnkey engineering and maintenance services. Working with a team of professional and certified engineers Diamond can complete overhauls such as C6 as well as modification installations.
  • Diamond Asset Services: It offers a full asset management and aftercare program for effective full life management and maintenance of assets and product delivery, including service quality regimes and reporting.
  • Diamond Heritage Services: Diamond offers a range of capabilities that ideally suit the specialist needs of the heritage and rail preservation markets, delivering both historic restoration and modern-day reengineering projects.


What can Diamond do for you?

Diamond looks forward to discussing your individual project and service requirements with you and is keen to work in partnership to develop creative and innovative solutions to your future requirements and challenges. Diamond wants to work with you to become the go to solutions provider, ensure excellent service from start to finish and beyond, and deliver for your customers, together.


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