Deutsche Bahn‘s consulting services and solutions within an integrated railway system

What will the mobility of tomorrow look like? How do people move around in everyday life? What do optimised logistics chains look like? What role will climate change play in this? And where will digitalisation actually tie in? These questions encompass all facets of the mobility and logistics industry. They are questions raised by megatrends such as mobility, urbanisation and sustainability. Ultimately, the Consulting business unit of the DB E.C.O. Group, with its years of expertise from Deutsche Bahn, provides holistic solutions to these pertinent mobility and logistic questions.


 Optimised supply chains increase delivery performance and customer satisfaction. Source: DB E.C.O. Group / Oliver Schmidt







Innovative, sustainable and global

Whoever wants to shape the future must seize opportunities. As a globally oriented consulting service provider, with IT expertise and a focus o n railways, the Consulting business unit of DB E.C.O. Group is continuously exposed to exciting challenges. These range from sustainable business strategies and optimised operation and maintenance concepts to modern training programmes and solutions for digitalisation along the entire value chain.

The services cater to the shift to public transport, thus reflecting the sustainability factor while simultaneously delivering added value to the digital field. For example, the self-developed IoT platform DIANA – geared for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance – optimises digitalisation to improve the performance and cost efficiency of railway systems across the globe.


Interested audience follows exciting presentation on Predictive Maintenance with the IoT platform DIANA.
Source: DB E.C.O. Group / Isidoros Sapounas








Made by humans

Mobility has long been at the forefront of global innovation. Even with great technological progress, the future of mobility remains dependent on humans. In particular, transportation consulting
companies rely on their employees to pivot global mobility forward. With these employees, it is not just about expertise – but rather about diversity on various different levels. As a company, you benefit from a diversity-conscious working environment in many ways:

  •  Better financial results
  •  More efficient, loyal and satisfied employees.
  • Higher attractiveness and better image
    as employer.
  • Easier access to qualified new employees.


 A strong infrastructure has a positive effect on moving people. Source: Deutsche Bahn AG / Maximilian Lautenschläger







Diversity is also of great importance for the individual, because it ensures a  good, trusting and productive working atmosphere. At the same time, there is room for continuous personal and professional development. Consultants who feel heard and understood provide better work for the company as a result of increased freedom and respect. In this way, the daily work is more appreciated.

Finally, diversity also has a fundamental impact on the productivity of teamwork. Diverse teams are more sustainable and produce more innovative solutions. This is a result of more intensive and open exchange amongst different perspectives. Diverse input allows decisions to be more fact based, rather than promoting ‘group-think’ solutions. Diverse teams also foster a better working atmosphere allowing for more team spirit and preventing anyone from feeling alienated. In the end, the customer reaps the benefits of a diverse team. In this context, it is crucial for a consulting company to be aware of its diversity resources. If diversity is understood as an opportunity everyone benefits from it.

Diversity in action

In the Consulting unit of the DB E.C.O. Group, this is already being put into practice: both in small projects, such as a software solution developed as a basis for the development of future railway corridors, and in large, comprehensive projects for state railways. Consultants from a wide variety of functions, backgrounds, cultures and ages work as a team in many different locations around the world to shape the future of our customers and the mobility and logistics solutions of tomorrow. In doing so, the employees take on challenging responsibilities all while furthing their expertise and potential. And when it is necessary, as is currently the case during the Corona crisis, this is all done remotely – like mobility trends the consultant team must adapt to unforeseen conditions. This is how the Consulting team of the DB E.C.O. Group is transforming the future of mobility.