Entrance Matting Systems produces entrance mats from higher recycled content and sustainably and ethically sources materials

The first product EMS manufactured was the Colortread entrance matting system, which is still a popular choice with many customers; including recent projects with East Midland Railway. Colortread offers a solid aluminium interlocking entrance matting system with a choice of infill strips in a variety of materials from rubber to polypropylene as well as coloured scraper bars. This provides scope for branding, logos and regional colours.


The London Underground

EMS LU Multi-track section twelve entrance matting system was specifically designed to meet the requirements for the London Underground Ltd (LUL). LUL has the strictest health and safety requirements for entrance matting, especially in relation to fire and smoke emissions. In order to be on the LUL register you need to meet all of these.

The entrance matting system has a solid aluminium grid system, with debris channels to collect dirt and other debris. The aluminium is a minimum of 95 per cent recycled material. The infill strips are manufactured in the UK, using natural rubber and moulded with EMS’s exclusive multi-track design.

The rubber infill material has been designed, scientifically tested and manufactured with the help of Dr. Marina Fernando at TARRC Rubber Consultants to produce a section twelve low smoke emission rubber that is highly durable, anti-slip and sustainable. This unique and exclusive multi-directional rubber is perfect for rail and underground station entrances as it is designed for heavy traffic at any angle as well as wheelchair and pushchair use.

The same moulds have been successfully used with the non-section twelve multidirectional rubber infill; this offers similar infill material properties as above at a lower price for non-section twelve stations, other heavy duty entrance matting areas and public or private sectors.

Both systems have been successfully trialled and specified in numerous stations across the UK. EMS has worked with contractors to resolve particular station’s complications as well as adapting its products to suit specific drainage systems; for example, the EMS 80/20 drainage system, which is now in use at several LUL stations. Not just rail – the LU section twelve and non-section twelve multi-track entrance matting systems are suitable for any high traffic areas, especially suited to other transport as well as other environmentally demanding applications, such as marine environments.


Specialised Transport Entrance Matting Systems

Entrance Matting Systems (EMS) Ltd is a UK manufacturer of commercial aluminium grid entrance matting systems, specialising in sustainable and high specification products for demanding applications. EMS is passionate about producing sustainable entrance matting across the whole of their product range. Working with other UK manufacturers to produce the highest quality entrance mats that have higher recycled content, sustainably and ethically sourced materials. All of the EMS aluminium grid systems are easy to clean (without having to lift out or roll up) and maintain as well as having the additional bonus of replaceable infill material strips. Designed to make the entrance mats more economical and sustainable. EMS is currently working on a new project with a fully recycled infill material. It will be ready to test and trial later this year.

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