Tell us about Sunray Engineering.

Sunray Engineering are leading UK Designers, Manufacturers and Installers of Steel Security and Fire Rated Doors, Steel Louvre Wall Systems, as well as Steel Grilles for Window Protection and Supported GRP Walkway Platforms.


What is your role within Sunray?

As Group Managing Director, I Manage the companies within the Sunray group and have direct control over the operations and strategic planning to ensure Sunray achieves its business objectives.


What type of Sunray products are used in the rail sector?

Depending on the solution and which part of the rail network we are working on, for example A Station or Interchange Hub, A Power Supply or Transformer Room, or even Tunnelling, we provide a range of our products to meet our clients’ needs and typically these will be Security and Fire rated Doors or Steel Louvre Walls for ventilation. We also supply a number of GRP platforms which often run alongside the Track and can be used as a safe path from Banked areas particularly where the rail workforce need an egress point or emergency services require access.


What challenges do you see within the industry over the next 12 to 24 months?

HS2 is a focal point, seeing it develop and hopefully become what it has been promoted to be. In addition, the global Covid pandemic has and will continue to affect the way people work and as a consequence the rail infrastructure may not be utilised in the way that it once was. We may see a transition away from the typical daily commute as people move away from larger towns and cities and further into the countryside, traveling into key cities such as London less frequently.


What successes have you experienced in the last 12 months and how do you measure success?

I would say that the way the company bounced back from the first lockdown is a measure of our success. We followed protocol and closed in March 2020 for six weeks. We recommenced manufacturing mid-May, during a period of uncertainty. However, demand dictated a resurge and that enabled us to bounce back within six months and regain the position that we had prior to the pandemic.


What is your view of the future of security within the rail sector?

Looking to the future Security will become a more prominent consideration. Critical infrastructure needs to be protected regardless of the volume of usage. When it comes to the Rail Industry there is an inherent need for such security measures in the form of products and services which are key to the protection of assets.


What are your plans going forward to ensure Sunray’s services are still around for years to come?

Sunray has a proven track record of investing in design and innovation. We are the pioneers of niche when it comes to Security Doors and Systems so we will always strive to build the impossible yet blend with the environment. We also have an appetite for acquisition. Over the next few years some good companies may have found themselves in hardship, so we will be looking at joint ventures and added value services and products.

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