Currently, one of the most important issues for the rail industry relates to the need to remove weight from passenger rail vehicles – both new and existing

The rail industry requires its suppliers to come up with innovative solutions for reducing the weight of all types and kind of components and manufacturers are meeting the resulting challenges with a combination of new materials, new production processes and new designs.

In addition, as battery technology take-up increases and a greater reliance on reducing emissions from diesel engines, developments in manufacturing energy efficient components will create a need for surface finishing improvements, allowing manufacturers to offer lighter parts that maintain the same performance, can result in longer maintenance intervals which in turn creates huge savings in running costs. All in all, they allow a total win-win for the manufacturers and end-users alike.



Rösler Mass Finishing

Everywhere where metal on metal contact occurs, there is an opportunity to improve a component’s performance, as a result of which the marketability of that product can be highly increased. Utilising Rösler mass finishing technology and processes, manufacturers can design and manufacture rail components with lower surface roughness and better surface properties enabling those performance improvements to become a reality.

For tactile surfaces Rösler mass finishing will also remove sharp edges, rust, oil and grease for safer handling of contact areas.


Modern high speed train

Rösler Shot Blasting

Rösler shot blasting systems offer you options from de-flashing, descaling, surface improvement and rust removal to roughening, matting, smoothing, edge rounding and shot peening. There are few technical applications for metal surfaces that can offer the variety of uses that shot blasting technology can offer. From rail tracks, plates and profiles to cast and forged parts. Even complete carriages.

Car train subway inside light interior with simple perspective lines and opened doors. Symbol of possibility and perspective.


AM Solutions – a brand of the Rösler Group

Rösler strongly believes that additive manufacturing will have a profound effect on practically every aspect of industrial manufacturing, the company decided to create a brand-new division, namely AM Solutions, within which all the company’s activities in the field of additive manufacturing will be handled.

The division AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology offers equipment, process technologies and consumables tailored for the automated 3D post processing, be it for single piece manufacturing or volume production. Whether your focus is on unpacking, removal of powder and support structures, surface homogenization and smoothing, polishing or the application of a color dye – with Rösler’s broad know-how in additive manufacturing and decades of experience in surface preparation and surface finishing the company can offer you a perfect solution from a single source, irrespective of the material used and printing method.

AM Solutions – Manufacturing service partner is mainly dedicated to Additive Manufacturing Services with a broad portfolio of productive technology platforms, offering a complete (end-to-end) support across all process phases. By taking advantage of this rich portfolio of professional and technical capabilities, Rösler can support its customers from the conceptualization phase of the ‘Idea’ to the production process execution phases.



Rösler Wastewater Technology

For new trains and for refurbishment of trains, Rösler offers surface finishing solutions to help with lightweight development and energy efficiency and can also provide wastewater treatment to remove impurities such as paint sludge from water wash spray systems during carriage refurbishment, resulting in substantial savings of paint sludge disposal by reducing up to 85 per cent of the water content.

Other applications include removal of any suspended solids from water, oil, cutting fluids lengthen the lifespan of industrial liquids.



The Rösler Difference

Some companies manufacture surface finishing machines, some companies produce one machine and buy in the others, endeavouring to offer the complete solution. Often though there is a key element missing and Rösler knows, as do so many of its customers, that this is the thing that makes it different. Rösler designs and manufactures surface finishing equipment, and 3D printing/additive manufacturing surface technology to exacting, high standards. Rösler combines all processes, shot blasting, mass finishing and additive manufacturing and as a result of more than 80 years of experience of developing component finishing processes and solutions around the world, most importantly it understands them. Rösler’s range of about 15,000 consumables, developed in test centres located all over the world specifically serves its customers for resolving their individual finishing needs.

This means whatever challenge you have with your components or materials, Rösler can help. You can push the boundaries of what you currently have and together Rösler will help you innovate and develop the best finish in your field of manufacturing.

Rösler is pleased to announce that from March 2021 it is a member of the Rail Forum Midlands and are looking forward to being part of this engaging national not-for-profit rail trade association.


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