Lightweight and highly protective GORE-TEX PYRAD® Clothing by Ballyclare

Ballyclare has been keeping railway workers safe and comfortable for over 100 years – building a reputation as one of Europe’s leading workwear and protective clothing suppliers

Ballyclare is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality workwear and highly technical protective clothing. The company combines the most traditional manufacturing attributes, the most innovative thinking, the very latest and best quality fabrics and cutting-edge production techniques to create ranges that provide outstanding protection and ultimate shift-long comfort.

With a solid reputation as a rail industry supplier, Ballyclare has a complete and comprehensive range of protective clothing for the rail sector. The full range provides solutions for on-track and lineside workers in a wide variety of roles. Including GORE-TEX Waterproof clothing, hi-vis polycottons and newer ranges, an arc protection multi-hazard range, that incorporates GORE-TEX PYRAD® multi-hazard arc protection clothing and the ECO-Rail range, you will find the answers to your team’s needs.

The arc protection multi-hazard range builds on Ballyclare’s enviable reputation as a leading designer and manufacturers of specialist protective clothing. ‘We’ve used our experience and our expertise to create a new solution for anyone who needs multi-hazard, flame-retardant garments that will provide maximum protection at all times’ says Ballyclare’s Sales & Marketing Director, Roger Foster. ‘With the traditional Ballyclare hallmarks of proven design, high-quality materials and outstanding manufacturing processes this new range of garments can satisfy that requirement safely and reliably, time after time.’

Ballyclare’s hi-vis, arc protection multi-hazard collection has also been approved by Network Rail. Similar in styling to Ballyclare’s popular polycotton range, the garments benefit from designs that have been updated to meet the changing demands of today’s rail industry. They combine modern styling and outstanding levels of flame resistance, arc-, weld-, and anti-static protection.

Manufactured from a mix of fibres, including polyester-free compositions, which meet numerous international standards, the range includes long-sleeve polo shirts, sweatshirts, cargo trousers and jackets. These garments feature the use of chevron-print material rather than traditional reflective tape, which gives them a more modern design and increases wearer comfort. The heat-sealed reflective tape also reduces the risk of harmful contaminants building up on and around the traditional sew-on tapes.





High visibility protective clothing by Ballyclare





Included in the new range are waterproof jackets, trousers and coveralls, made from the technically advanced GORE-TEX PYRAD® Fabric. These garments provide the same flame retardant protection with the added benefit of reliable and breathable waterproofing, plus some of the highest arc flash ratings available in modern PPE.

The arc protection flame retardant GORE-TEX PYRAD® Garments offer a far more lightweight and comfortable solution than the bulky, traditional waterproof, arc flash protective clothing. ‘The feel of them is far closer to that of high-end garments made for walking and running, yet they still provide outstanding protection against wet weather and many different types of arc flash hazards’ adds Roger.

‘The lightweight fabric ensures the wearer can maintain a comfortable body temperature and also provides the freedom of movement they need. This encourages people to wear the garments at all times and allows them to work for longer in difficult conditions. It also extends the range of working environments and applications where the arc protection multi-hazard range can provide the ultimate workwear solution.’ When exposed to heat and flame, the laminated construction of the GORE-TEX PYRAD® Fabric forms a stable and non-flammable char layer which protects the wearer. Its robust nature and excellent insulation properties retain the physical integrity of the laminate and prevent the formation of any holes.

‘The rail sector has very specific needs due to their exposure to threat to life situations when carrying out duties in hazardous areas. Ballyclare has always focused resource in developing new innovations and GORE-TEX PYRAD® Garments are an excellent example’ continues Roger.

‘Our partnership with WL Gore & Associates goes back decades. We have partnered on many projects and have either found solutions for a specific customer need or developed products for the wider market to enjoy. The GORE-TEX PYRAD® Technology gives wearers a very high level of protection against arc flash hazards and maintains all the core benefits of using GORE-TEX Fabrics which are known for their high-performance waterproof and breathable properties. When wet or dry, GORE-TEX PYRAD® garments are up to 20 per cent lighter than other garments with Category III arc protection, allowing wearers to work outside for extended periods during heavy rain.’


Ballyclare’s multi-hazard arc protection range designed for railway workers


Ballyclare’s hi-vis rail workwear ECO-Rail range has been designed in partnership with Network Rail and end-user customers. It reflects Ballyclare’s commitment to sustainability, as the garments are largely manufactured from recycled polyester materials recovered from plastic bottles. They also offer a high degree of recyclability at the end of their working life, ensuring that their environmental footprint is minimal.

The garments offer the quality and ruggedness which are Ballyclare hallmarks, and they reflect the company’s rail industry experience, commitment to innovation, and ongoing efforts to provide increased comfort and ever-greater protection.

Supplying the UK’s largest infrastructure manager, Network Rail, with their only approved range of PPE clothing Ballyclare constantly innovates to ensure their end wearers can trust in their protective clothing.


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