A section of railway tunnel uploaded to 3D Send and previewed in a web browser by the receiver.

A new simple and secure platform, 3D Send, has been created to share and view 3D models without needing to download them first

Developed by SaaS platform provider for Building Information Modelling (BIM), 3D Repo, the new online platform allows architects, engineers, construction professionals, hobbyists, or anyone else to instantly share a 3D model. From there, models can be quickly previewed in the web browser or downloaded to use offline with your favourite tools.

Send 3D models for free

Users simply drag and drop their files in the web browser to upload them to the secure platform, sending as many files as they like up to 500 MB. Files are stored safely and securely until they have been downloaded for up to 14 days using high-level security. 3D Repo also has independent verification via BSI to achieve the highest standards of information security, privacy, and management processes and controls with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification. Now more than ever we are relying on quick technological solutions to keep projects on time and on budget. 3D Send helps to avoid costly delays by sourcing the right viewer and encouraging collaboration between the project team. Data democratisation and collaboration is at the heart of everything 3D Repo does. That’s why the new model sharing platform is free to use with no registration or signin required. Users can upload and share a variety of popular 3D model file-formats including Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, Bentley DGN, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), OBJ, Filmbox (FBX) and more. The compatibility and simple user interface mean data can be shared with all stakeholders regardless of their BIM or software knowledge and doesn’t require them to install specialist software packages to view the models.


Another small section of railway tunnel uploaded to 3D Send and previewed in a web browser by the receiver.


Speeding up the sharing process

Sharing 3D models between collaborators can be a slow process especially with everyone using different software and file types. 3D Send streamlines this process so you can share those files with absolutely anyone and be sure that files are sent and stored securely.

Rob Jackson, Associate Director at Bond Bryan Digital said: ‘All our processes and tools use open standards for information exchange, particularly IFC and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format). 3D Send offers us an incredibly quick and simple method for sharing models with clients, contractors, consultants and other stakeholders. It allows them to view models using these open standards in a web browser without having to download and install any software.’

The new solution has been developed as a standalone product and runs seamlessly on top of the company’s core digital platform for BIM data, 3drepo.io, thanks to open standards. Via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), 3D Send is able to connect to the backend of 3drepo.io and utilise the browser-based 3D model viewer for previewing the models in the browser.


A large 3D model of a residential building uploaded to 3D Send and previewed in a web browser by the
receiver with the side menu hidden to show the model at a larger scale.


Transforming construction projects

London-based 3D Repo boasts an ever-growing list of integrations with other industry-leading partners such as OpenText, Asite, and Procore, and popular software platforms such as Power BI, Dynamo, and Node-RED. 3D Send is yet another example of how 3D Repo is transforming the way construction projects are designed and delivered by democratising data, mitigating risk, and reducing complexity for everyone involved in a construction project. Their cloud-based design collaboration platform, 3drepo.io bridges the gap between BIM and Digital Twins. Instead of architects, consultants, and contractors sharing massive files in a time-consuming manner, they simply point their web browser to an encrypted knowledge base to start examining each project stage virtually. Once again, there is no need for installing expensive software, with easy access via a web browser so you can access your model data, wherever you are.

Leading the way

Since its inception in 2012, cutting-edge technology by 3D Repo has been successfully deployed on some of the largest and most prestigious construction and infrastructure projects with companies such as Atkins, Balfour Beatty, Bryden Wood, Buro Happold, Canary Wharf Contractors, and Crossrail among others. The cloud-based digital construction platform has helped thousands of designers, contractors, and managers across multiple companies to collaborate, often remotely, on projects such as the remodelling of King’s Cross railway station, The Bund in Shanghai, and London’s Wood Wharf district. The 3D Repo platform allows users to manage 3D model revisions and highlight potential clashes and safety risks using live collaboration tools which enable the whole project team to work from a single source of truth, anywhere and at any time. One of the key features used by clients is Instant Clash, which identifies design issues in model federations such as steelwork clashing with overhead lines. The offending model elements are highlighted early on so that they can be resolved, saving expensive rework during the construction phase. Similarly, design changes are easily spotted by comparing geometry changes between models – new elements are highlighted in green and deletions in red.

Other key features include SafetiBase; the collaborative way to track and analyse health and safety issues. Users are able to associate risks directly in the model. Being able to spot potential risks before stepping foot on a construction site helps to create a much safer working environment. 4D playback is also now possible with 3D Repo thanks to an integration with Bentley Synchro which allows users to import their Synchro projects to 3drepo.io and analyse the output of 4D modelling. Teams are able to drop pins at specific points in time during the construction sequence to go beyond design issue management and into construction issue management with 4D issue tracking.


The same 3D model of a residential building uploaded to 3D Send and previewed in the browser by the receiver.
A section of the model has been trimmed back to show a specific view before being sent to the recipient.

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